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The Partisans Biography

Last updated: 12/31/2003 03:49:10 AM

1978 Shark and Lealand attend the same comprehensive School, and form a band, inspired by the Sex Pistols, Clash, Buzzcocks, e.t.c.

1979 Spike joins the band as vocalist/guitarist, the band go into the studio and record their first demo, mainly cover songs, Pretty Vacant-Sex Pistols, Wasted Life-Stiff Little Fingers, Times Up-Buzzcocks, Belson was a Gas-Sex Pistols, I Don't Give a fuck-The Partisans, No Time-The Partisans. The band play a few small local gigs in the Wales area, mainly covers

1980 Louise joins the band as Bass Player, and the band lock themselves up in the rehearsal studio.

1981 The band go in the studio and make their second demo, all their own material, Police Story, Killing Machine, Don't Blame Us, No U Turns I don't Give a Fuck, Arms Race. The demo is sent into Sounds, Blitz, Chron Gen, Abrasive Wheels and the Ejected demos were also reviewed, the Partisans get the title for the best demo.....

No Future receive demo same week, the band is contacted immediately and sign contract, Police Story is released and receives rave reviews, and enters the indie charts at no 5. The fall arrives and the Partisans are asked to appear on Carry On Oi, they do 2 tracks, Arms Race and No U Turns, Infa Riot are in the studio at the same time and help out on the backing vocals.

November the band play in Sheffield with Blitz, Infa Riot, and the Business

1982 17 Years of Hell is released and enters the indie charts, the production is weak and the band are disappointed, they play the 100 Club in London and go down well, then play the Lyceum with Blitz, Peter and The Test Tube Babies, and Red Alert. Lealand leaves the band and moves to London but is obliged by contract to record an album for No Future, The Partisans record their first album, unrehearsed and unprepared, the production and songs could have been much better. Lealand returns to London, Shark and Spike follow, Louise stays in Wales, so the band continue with out her, and employ Dave Parsons on Bass.

1983 By now the band have been on numerous compilation albums, but are without a label, Lol Pryor (Business manager) signs the band to his label and Blind Ambition is released, does not get too much push, or publicity, but is played on prime time radio, between a Michael Jackson record and a Paul Mcartney record, there were many who thought it was the best single the band had done. Colin from CONFLICT is in recording studio and asks the band if they wanna play in Brixton with them, the band respect the offer and agree, the band find go down extremely well in front of a anarcho audience. Shortly afterwards the partisans and Dave split ways, Dave later joins Transvision Vamp and Bush.

1984 The band are playing better than ever and are comfortable being a trio, the music verges more and more towards the Clash, most of the other bands of their era have turned into hard rock bands or split up. The Partisans remain punk if not a touch poppy, and go into the studio to record The Time Was Right, but the record label want to rush release an album, the band don't have enough songs, so a live side is included, the album is a catastrophe, the wrong mixes are released, the vocals are lost on "The Time Was Right" and the newer version of "I Never Needed You", its the bands fault, they had been smoking hash in the studio, and had become sloppy at the mixing desk. The album doesn't sell too well, due to many things, not much publicity, not much of a market anymore....

1985 The band never split up, it just seemed to fizzle out, lack of interest from its members.

1999 Lealand has been unemployed for a good few years and the state decide to rehabilitate him, he chooses a web design course as his line of interest, and during his lessons enters the word "Partisans" in alta vistas search box. Shocked and stunned he finds Captain Oi Records have released "a best of" and a reissue of "The Time Was Right", he contacts the company and it turns out that the Partisans are very much are alive and kicking, or at least as far as reissues are concerned, he decides to do a web page about the band, and not before long it has over a thousand visitors in 2 months, mail after mail indicates that the Partisans are missed and very much alive in New York, in Paris, in Seattle, in Japan, in ....The band is asked to reform and play the hits festival, there was no band to talk of, Lealand contacts Shark in Singapore, but due to other duties Shark cant make it, Spike thinks its ridiculous to get back together, but would like to think about it.

2000 The Partisans reform, this time in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lealand finds a drummer and bass player and enters the rehearsal room. All new songs are sent to Spike in Cardiff, and he does his bit infront of a tape recorder in the shower. Spike comes over to Gothenburg in September and they play their first live gig in Sweden in front of a hysterical audience.

2001 The Partisans play the Holidays in The Sun festivals in England and release their first single in over 17 years. The "Hysteria Ep" is released on the Partisans own label, and tko release it in America under the name of "So Neat".