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Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez The Palpitations Form A Limit Lyrics

Last updated: 10/23/2009 11:00:00 AM

Might I crave a crawling imposter
head held for miles to come
simply slice a prayer to answer
as the daylight lets me run

of all the schemes that you've conducted
this one makes it safe
erasing all my fond memories
of a life you couldn't take

we all have those disasters
they let you know they run
canĀ“t you never stay any longer
as long as you still run

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UPtQoVEODPdvcisreHA | Reviewer: Stinky45 | 10/22/09

The worst part is that a herd mentality has developed so hyper-parents justify their state of mind by making less anxious parents feel bad for not meeting the well-intentioned but ill-conceived expectations. ,

Good Conclusion | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/17/07

This is a really good song on the album, and it provides a good conclusion for the disc.

omar | Reviewer: grayson | 8/16/05

thisa track stands out on omars solo record and is my favourite track from it. i think the lyrics and dynamics and rythem of the song are real choice .