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Godhead The Origin of Suffering Lyrics

Last updated: 06/15/2009 12:00:00 PM

I'm afraid of the world outside
Always looking for a place to hide
Torn apart by the world we know
I can never find a place to go

In silence, I wonder
How much more I can take
It's pulling me under
I'm seething, not breathing
It's pushing me too far

Walking blindly on the tightest rope
Far beyond the point of any hope
You're surrounded by your deepest fear
Now your ending is becoming clear

Your madness, is quickly
Tearing your life apart
In sadness, move swiftly
You're gnawing and calling
You'll never make it out

We've created everything we hate
Sold it to ourselves at bargain rates
Kill each other on a single word
Drown it out so it's never heard

Compassion, reaction
Just never comes on time
Our lives are a fraction
Of worthy, self-action
We've thrown it all away
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