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Hawk Nelson The One Thing I Have Left Lyrics

Last updated: 12/27/2011 10:00:00 AM

Will someone please radio for help?
Cuz I think I'm allergic to myself
And they think they can throw us all away
We gotta stop it before it's all too late

There's got to be a better way
They dissect everything we say
To try to make us feel this way

And you can take the one thing I have left
I'd give it all away for so much less
Can even take the heart inside my chest
And you can take the one thing I have left
Beat me to the ground and take my breath
But you can't take who I am

And I swear we were born to let you down
We scream but never make a sound
We point but don't know which direction
We are America right now

There's got to be a better way
They dissect everything we say
To try to make us feel this way

And you can take the one thing I have left
I'd give it all away for so much less
Can even take the heart inside my chest
And you can take the one thing I have left
Beat me to the ground and take my breath
But you can't take who I am

How can I be the same?
How can I say the blame?
How come I am so tired of all these charades?
How can I be the one?
How can I hold the gun?
How can I see if everyone else is to blame?

hey! hey!
Don't want to be the
hey! hey!
Don't want to see the
hey! hey!

Cuz we point the finger
Think everyone else is to blame

Everyone else is to blame

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Peace | Reviewer: Dean | 12/27/11

I, for one, am not gonna yell at the anonymous reviewer who commented FOUR YEARS AGO!!! God taught us that we should be tolerant of others point of views. But despite this, we all agree that this song is very good, and that we love it.

What on Earth!? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/10

A. What on earth does wrap have to do with Hawk Nelson. B. I wholeheartedly agree that not all wrap is about sex and cussing, yeah it sometimes mentions the butts of girls,but that does not mean all wrap suddenly has to do with sex. & C. I personally don't like wrap, because far as I am concerned since wrap drummers don't hit the snare on beats 2 and 4 Bands that play Wrap can't keep a beet

Stop. | Reviewer: Kristen | 2/7/10

Would you stop arguing about religion? It's a band and they're songs. You either like them or you don't. Get over it! Religion is a whole separate thing. If you don't like Hawk Nelson because they're a Christian band, your loss.

Okay, I'm on both sides of the fence | Reviewer: Jason's girl (I wish) | 11/25/09

To all of you guys saying that Hawk Nelson sucks 'cause it's christian, and yet you liked them 4 seconds before you learned that, yes, they are infact a christian band? Your kinda wrong. They have an awesome sound and Jason's supper hot. Plus, only like two of there songs actually mention God. You didn't even notice they were Christian intill you read about it or some random person told you. I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist, still a Christian religion. Seventh-Day Adventist are a lot like Catholics exept I go to church on saturday, the 7th day of the week. The 4th camandment says'Rest on the sabbath day and keep it holy. Six days thou shall do thy labor, but on the seventh day, rest...' yeah, anyway... Uh, sorry. Didn't mean to get all weird on ya. Anyway, but a couple of you guys said that all rap music talks about sex and money and has people cussing. That's not 100% true. Not all is bad. Just some. Sometimes people put a stereotype on the music because of who listens to it. Well, stereotypes suck. And there wrong. My Sabbath school(our version of sunday school. Same thing.) teacher's son is in a band, Ignight, and he raps. There alternative, and he does Christian rap and regular. Ethier way, he never cusses. He taught me how to play the guitar, and he's a really nive guy. (No, I don't like him.) Okay, I'm gonna shut up now, cause I'm even boring myself. BYE! HAWK NELSON 4 EVA!

Finding your place | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/08

If you don't like going to church you need to find another one. Its that simple :)

I used to HATE having to go to church... then some of my friends invited me to go to sunday school at the church they went to. I gave it a shot, and haven't stopped going since. I love to listen to our pastor preach, and our sunday school class is GREAT! Finding the right place for you is crucial.

Don't Judge, God is Love | Reviewer: beVIRTUOUS | 1/22/08

If you don't want God in your music then why are you CATHOLIC? Aren't catholics supposed to believe in him. You cannot call yourself something when you're truly not. Its like me calling myself "Big Foot". Am I truly Big Foot? No. As fellow believers we should all try to clense our minds of foul things. Not all rap music is about sex and drugs. Did you know that christian music actually has every genre.

Christain Rap: Grits, Kj-52, The Cross Movement, Holy Hip Hop, Da Truth, and many more

Christian Rock: Skillet, Hawk Nelson,(personal favorite) Falling Up, Dead Poetic, Embodyment, Red ( my personal favorite), POD( personal favorite too), and many more.

So dont label christian music as bad untill you've heard it all

I'd have to admit: some artists aren't that good at placing music together, but i know that there are tons of SUPER TALENTED christian artists that you havent even heard of. Please so judge a WHOLE genre baised on a few songs you heard here and there. God in music can stop a WHOLE lot of nonsense

i didnt know =] | Reviewer: visky | 1/16/08

hahaha , i really dont know why im writing this . i just felt left out ;] . hahahah songs good. hawk nelsons good. i didnt even realize they were a christian band though ? hahha woopsss....

god | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/08

just because u think that because u believe and deep down everybody else shud 2 doesnt mean that they do. so get over. Not everybody believes in god and im living proof. And sayin rap is all about sex and cussing is really stereotypical. And i dont appreciate it.

i agree totally | Reviewer: ashlynn . | 12/4/07

exactly .
youre not the only person that ive heard who is catholic and doesnt like church . there are manyy different donominations under christianity . maybe you should look into them . you dont have to be catholic to have a relationship with God . hes not forced upon you . it is your choice to have a relationship with him . please take my advise && just while your on the computer look up some denominations .

he makes your life so much more peaceful . knowing that when youre going through hardships in your life , you can ALWAYS count on god . and know that he loves you .


this is why. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/07

look. i understand that you dont like church.
but if you look deep, deep inside Him, then you would want to hear about Him in your music. and you shouldn't be writing about how you don't want to hear about Him in music. if you don't, then go listen to rap, where you can listen to sex and cussing all day long.
congrats, you've got non-christian bands lining up to meet you.

WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE A CHRISTIAN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

why the heck do they have to b a christian band,that sukz, i mean i have nuthing against christains i mean im catholic, but i dont like church at all and i dont want to here about god in my music! oh and dont call me any disrespectful names bc i do like god just not the mocniks ( you guys prolly dont know them but they are overly religious to a point that u all wouldnt believe) srry, but i HATE christian bands i wish they werent....

hawk Nelson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

I went to Revolve Tour 2007 too!! I got one of the shirts that says HN is by BFF!!! I'm wearing it to school tomorrow along w/ my best freind. Anywho great song love it sooo much lol. I LOVE HAWK NELSON!!

shweet!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: nikki coristine | 10/31/07

you guys so totaly rock !!!!!!!! p.s. your guys r my fav band of all times ! can't wait to see you guys back at ATF and see u guys play rebirthing again !it was awesome !

Twonkers (inside joke haha idk) | Reviewer: Haley | 10/20/07

OMG!!! i saw them at the revolve tour. that girl who got to go up with them on stage was sooo lucky. oh well i still had a good time. i love this song. RoCk On PeEps. i also got the shirt that says HN is my BFF. i love it. i would have gotten it signed but they had done their signing the day before. so i was SOL. oh well.
~HaLeY's ThE CoOlIeSt

Haaawwwkkkk Nnnneeellllssssoooonnnn!!!! | Reviewer: ashlie | 10/15/07

oh my goodness! i went to revolve tour 2007 at the honda center and they were so good!!! i alomst was picked to go on stage with Jason! i hope to see you next year at the next revolve tour!!! (HN is my BFF!!! )