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Man in black comes around
Blacks the light
Blacks the sound
Far enough to take from here
To rise above the myth of fear
Lay you out, and take 'em down

Open up your gate
Spirit dialate
Watch the falling sand
Sifting through his hand
Open Up Your Gate
Spirit Dialate
Whisper To Your Friend
Death Is Not The End!

Not the End
Not the End
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Its the beginning
It’s a…

Rob the hour, loss of time
Spilling sand you will not find
Dearly beloved
We gathered today
to say goodbye and find our way
Bid farewell with closing eyes

Open Up Your Gate
Spirit Dialate
Watch the falling sand
Slipping through his hand
Open Up Your Gate
Spirit Dialate
Whisper to your friend
Death Is Not The End!

Not the End
Not the End
its the begining

Ive been a rambler, the light sets me free
Ive been a gambler, the light sets me free

The light sets me free!!!!

*Guitar Solo*


Ive been a rambler, the light sets me free
ive been a gambler, the light sets me free

Sets me free


Done my time in this cell
Accept the toll of the man
Man of black has turned to light
Shall return for you tonight
Say goodbye to our old selves

Open up your gate
Spirit dialate
Watch the falling sand
Slipping through his hand
Open Up Your Gate
Spirit Dialate
Whisper to your friends
Death Is Not The End!

Not the End
Not the End
its the begining

Death is not the end!
The new song, thank you!
Appreciate it, thanks!

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For the guy below me | Reviewer: Matt | 8/25/2008

Why are yu comparing Metallica -the gods of metal- music to Avril Lavinge and Nelly Frutado? they both suck.they cant hold shit to Metallica. Metallica are not posers ur just jealous that they have legions of fans, have a better career than you, and are more successful than yu will ever be dipshit. go listen to your Nelly Frutado crap yu pussy. Metallica will always be that greatest band past, present and future

I HATE the new Metallica!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/2008

The new Metallica totally sucks! In the old days, they rocked. I am sick and tired of people changing their entire freaking image, just to fit in. Avril Lavigne did it, Nelly Furtado, and now Metallica? I used to like all three of them, but now, they're all just POSERS. But that's just my opinion...

death is not the fukin end | Reviewer: Metallica for life | 4/4/2008

this song is cool...solo is a kick ass solo and the other new song is better then this one.
i think this album will be like Black Album or may be i wish that...:p
i just hope james voice should be like kill em all,ride the lightning & ...justice.
but metallica kicks ass anyways.

The New Metallica's Album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/2008

Death Is Not The End (I think this is the new song's name) is a great song. It isn't like St. Anger's songs; it's more melodic and very good to listen to. I think it's also better than other metallica's older songs that are considerated very good (Like Fight Fire With Fire, even if it isn't so good in my opinion). I think the new album will be a lot better than St. Anger;
i think so because it's not the first time that Metallica plays a new song
before its new album's release. In fact, before Load's release, Metallica
played 2*4 and Devil's Dance before Reload's release and, how you know, 2*4 and Devil's Dance aren't the best songs of their albums. What i mean is that i think Death Is Not The End and Vulturous (The Other New Song) aren't the best songs of their album too. It could be that in this new album there are songs wich are better than these first two songs. I hope the album won't be like St. Anger (Even if 4 songs were good in that album) and i also hope that this album will sign a "Back to the Origins". However, i'm sure that it will probably be a great album, worthy of Metallica.

Return to thrash metal but I listened to all their albums and there all good | Reviewer: Ben Savadkin | 1/26/2008

Note I have all Metallica albums and I'm trying to find rare Metallica songs to make the wait worth it. In my opinion everything Metallica album put out is awesome. Kill them All is my least favorite but It is still an album i love, The black album is my second least favorite though i'm still hooked on It I have on problem with this album were are the 8 minute songs, Load is my third least favorite album for one reason Its to long, Reload is my fourth least favorite for the same reason as load, Garage ink is my fifth least favorite for no particular reason,Mastr of pupets is my fifth favorite album becuase Its the thrash i know, Rid the litning is my fourth favorite album cause the songs are so dark, an justice of all is my third favorite album because of the spirit in the songs, I disaper single is my second favorite album because It brings back the spirit of the black album, Saint Anger is my favorite for now because it is so different Its like alternative metal There next album will probably be One of favorites oh and I call there Ninth studio album Vultrus of Scary Guy Vultrus.

WICKED | Reviewer: adam | 1/15/2008

I saw this song performed live on youtube and it kicked ass, reminded me off the good old days of metallica, kırk is writing wicked solos again and lars' double bass kick during the song is amazing, rob of course is great, james' vocals were horrible in that video but it was in the middle of the concert and he was exausted, plus he is getting old, but the vocals will be much better in the studio version,true his voice will never be like the Justice or Black album days but right now its waaaaaay better then the st.anger, if you dont believe me check live performances in 2007, I'm really hopefull that the new album will be amazing, as for the lyrics, nothing to say except, JAMES HETFIELD IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE BEST SONG WRITER THERE IS

ProZack | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/2007

this song will kick ass in the new album when it comes out definetly... but i hope there is at least one real good slower song on the album that will be deep in meaning and will change the world like all of Metallica's music...

Not Bad | Reviewer: Nomad | 12/6/2007

i can't describe this song " masterpiece " and i have expected such a normal thing from the new metallica! where's those old shit stuffs? the vocal sucks it remindes me those kids from SYSTEM OF A DOWN !the guitar is good for a modern rock band which the new metallica is!but i can't forget the awsome drums it's great!

The time of metallica solo s r back | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/2007

It a grat song with awesome lyrincs and instrumental play ,but the voice of James iset that good like in other albums

The time for solo s is back | Reviewer: Etrius | 10/4/2007

This is a great song whit awesome lyrincs and exelent instrumental playb, but James voice is not to good like in other albums

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