The New Cities Albums

  • Kill the Lights Album (9/27/2011)
    The New Rule
    The Hype
    Murder Me
    Get Connected
    Love Me Deadly
    Pretty Little Mess
    Sorry But I'm Single
    In Your Eyes

  • Lost in City Lights Album (5/5/2009)
    Hypertronic Superstar
    Dead End Countdown
    Take It Back / Cheat Again
    Looks Minus Substance
    Leaders of the Misled
    Lost in City Lights
    Far Beyond
    X-Revolution (Settling For Second Best)
    Low Radiation
    Modern Ghosts
    Sinking Has Never Been So Easy

  • The New Cities EP Album (3/1/2006)
    Run, Baby, Run
    Let It Be Clear
    Sweet Sweet Revenge
    As I Figure Out
    We've Got A Plan, A New One
    Fill Me In

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