The New Amsterdams Lyrics

What's Matt Pryor Doing on His Winter Vacation?

By John Sewell

Matt Pryor finds himself performing an unexpected balancing
act. Since his Kansas City, Mo.-based outfit Get Up Kids
first appeared as a blip on the underground horizon in the
mid-'90s, the band has become a fixture of the scene,
following an uncompromising indie path and creating an
archetypal sound for emo devotees everywhere in the
process. The Kids' last album, 1999's Something to Write
Home About (Vagrant), has sold more than 70,000 copies
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Reviews about The New Amsterdams songs

It hits you in the pit of your stomach. | Reviewer: Kayla
    ------ About the song When We Two Parted performed by The New Amsterdams

Every time I hear this song I feel it in my bones. I feel it in that deepest part of the stomach where all of a person's most intense emotions lay dormant, woken only by memory. Woken by a smell, a sound, a sight, a lyric. It's so emotionally charged, so sincere, that even if he wasn't saying anything at all it would cause a gut reaction. But then, on top of that, he DOES have something to say. And it kills me. Every time.

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