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A synthesis of pop and sarcastic social commentary in an
electronic new-wave post-punk experience in sound and
fury...wrapped in an enigma. This is a band you cannot
afford to miss.

By now you know about the music, let me tell you what we
know about the band "THE NETWORK". They are extremely
mysterious and never show their faces to humans or cameras.
The members hail from all corners of the world and were
brought together by an ancient prophecy, which predicted
their rise to world power and eventually their More...

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Reviews about The Network songs

... | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Roshambo performed by The Network

this is the kind of song that no matter how many times you listen to it... it still leaves you speechless. every time i hear it i get the same chills. the lyrics match the same amazing feeling.
ya.... i just went there

it's genius | Reviewer: FannyDefoe
    ------ About the song Spike performed by The Network

I love that song...the emphasis is incredible! love the part when Spike calls his mom...I'm lost for words...

@Janet: you can really hear that it's Billie Joe..his voice is so unique :D I love the fact that he still denies to be in the band ...hilarious!

roshambo...FANTASTIC! | Reviewer: ZeroFlaky
    ------ About the song Roshambo performed by The Network

i love this fantastic and catchy,everytime i hear it my mind go away..and the lyric can't be mostly true and beautiful...its words are so true
and represent my self in every part. the network rock...;) i love you guys

This Song... | Reviewer: Ella
    ------ About the song Roshambo performed by The Network

... is amazing! It sends shivers up my spine, every time I listen to it!

I love this song | Reviewer: Skye
    ------ About the song Roshambo performed by The Network

This song is awesome. It's like an explosion in your mind. I dont know, I cant explain it. lol.

Right Hand-A-Rama | Reviewer: Rebecca Jane Armstrong
    ------ About the song Right Hand-A-Rama performed by The Network

OMG I love it! This song is fantastic!!! I think he could've done a little bit better on his syllables but I think Billie made the right joice to go after a new wave sond...cause it sounds so damn cool!!!! <3 <3 <3

i love these guys | Reviewer: Hayley
    ------ About the song Supermodel Robots performed by The Network

The Network is so freaking awesome. Actualy, i've only heard supermodel robot (it's never ending on and i think this song rocks. They're really cool, and the lyrics make no sence, making the song even better. If you like them, listen to Green Day (hint hint) or pinhead gunpowder. I think you'll like the singer and lyrics. =)

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