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Last updated: 04/13/2011 12:00:00 PM

A synthesis of pop and sarcastic social commentary in an electronic new-wave post-punk experience in sound and fury...wrapped in an enigma. This is a band you cannot afford to miss.

By now you know about the music, let me tell you what we know about the band "THE NETWORK". They are extremely mysterious and never show their faces to humans or cameras. The members hail from all corners of the world and were brought together by an ancient prophecy, which predicted their rise to world power and eventually their demise. Here is a little about the men of THE NETWORK.

FINK: He might be considered the leader, being as he finances the group using money he made on a "TOP SECRET" nuclear invention he created shortly before dropping out of M.I.T. He's an Aquarius.

VAN GOUGH: A macrobiotic/vegan, from Belgium, Van Gough was forced to work entrail duty at his uncle's slaughterhouse in Fresno from the age of 10 until 18 where he moved to Tibet to conquer Mount Everest. After 12 attempts and suffering frostbite on over 80 percent of his body and losing his nose he returned to his favorite city, Oakland where he raises animals for experimental laboratory purposes.

THE SNOO: Formally a Mexican Wrestler from Argentina, The Snoo grew up poor on the busted streets of Buenos Aires and refuses to let the success of THE NETWORK affect him or his wardrobe IN ANY WAY. Jailed twice in Texas for messing with Texas, he does not claim to be reformed. Likes to eat hot peppers.

CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS: Although we do not know which sport or event, we do know he has two Olympic medals that he won for the Swedish national team. He made his first synthesizer when he was only six years old. He speaks seven languages and all with a slight stutter.

Z: This Icelandic sculptors name is so hard to pronounce, they call him Z. Likes to hitchhike. He plays keyboards with one finger. Uses Capt. Underpants' home made keyboards exclusively.

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