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The Neptunes Present Clones Biography

Last updated: 09/09/2003 03:50:14 AM

The Neptunes - Pharrell Williams/Chad Hugo and long time manager Rob Walker have established a label relationship with Arista Records, called Star Trak Entertainment.

This new label deal calls for the duo to produce artists signed to Star Trak Entertainment as well as Arista Records and its other labels, and develop new repertoire. At the same time, Arista will now assume all marketing, promotion, sales and distribution responsibilities for the Star Trak Entertainment label, which will be based in New York. The Neptunes and Walker will co-head the label, with Walker assuming day-to-day operations as President, while maintaining his role as manager of the duo. Star Trak Entertainment first release, the Clipse, a rap duo from Virginia Beach whose first album is certified Gold in the US and on it’s way to platinum, Spymob, a four-man rock group from Minneapolis due out this spring, Rosco P. Coldchain a solo rapper from Philadelphia also due out this spring, Kelis coming over from the Star Trak Production deal at Virgin due out this summer & Super Cat the legendary dancehall artist due out this summer. Star Trak Entertainment will also release FAM-LAY, a solo rapper from Norfolk, VA and Toque, a rock band from Virginia through their deal at Island/Def Jam this summer.

"As traditional musical genres blur and barriers tumble, the Neptunes are at the cutting edge of our next generation of innovators," said Mr. Reid. "They bring to Arista an extraordinary track record with a diverse roster of artists covering the entire musical landscape. We welcome Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo to Arista and look forward to building upon their success."

"We are excited to be working with L.A. Reid and his entire team at Arista Records. Both have a storied tradition of creativity and great music and we're looking forward to adding to the success and cultivating new talents from all facets of music - pop, rock, hip-hop, rap, R & B and even country. We don't just want to define the categories, we want to create them," said the Neptunes.

Friends since childhood, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo grew up in Virginia Beach, where Pharrell played drums and Chad played drums and the saxophone in their respective school bands. They founded the Neptunes, and when producer Teddy Riley opened his Future Recording Studios and Lil' Man Records in a building right beside the high school, he gave the duo their first break.

After years of producing hits for many artists in the industry, the Neptunes are now in a position to produce and create future stars (Vanessa Marques, Kelly Levesque) for their own label Star Trak Entertainment. The Neptunes would like to combine their creativity and vision with that of individuals who feel they have the talent and the dedication to their craft, necessary to succeed. If you feel you have these qualities, please feel free to send your demos in to the address below. Please include a bio and pictures in your package.

Star Trak/Rocksoul
PO Box #5017
New York, NY

Send fan mail to the address above, attention your favorite artist.