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Behemoth The Nephilim Rising Lyrics

Last updated: 05/10/2007 12:00:00 PM

I'm burning like a fucking fire
Mysterious domain, murdered apprehension
Shemyaza, Lacifarus - glow like the sun
In this final hour
Of Dawn of the Dusk
I, heart ov all chthonic hearts
Vulture eye, fallen one, proclaim:

This great world
Is a mirror of my small self:
Striving for infinity, shall I remain?

We cannot kill the time:
It is the time that kills us
And I'm the answer on my questions
And blood of my hopes and all prayers
Mark the sunset, the last judgement
And my rainment...
This is the night, just black damned night

As dethroned so enthroned, attracted, rejected
In this totality is perfection of me in thee
Freedom of nature, delight of existence
So intoxicate me as I intoxicateth thee
Slay me as I createth thee
When reality is nothing more
Than quantum vortex
Deep sleep
Make it lucid dream
Or hallucinate if you please
In exaltations of all, one, none
There is no difference
We are the first
And we are the last

Io Pan!
Thanks to Erin for submitting The Nephilim Rising Lyrics.