The Mr. T Experience Albums

  • The Miracle Of Shame Album
    Leave The Thinking To The Smart People
    Stephanies Of The World Unite

  • Soundtrack Exclusives & Rarities Album
    Told You Once
    Alternative Is Here To Stay (alternative version)

  • Road to Ruin Album
    I Just Want To Have Something To Do
    I Wanted Everything
    Don't Come Close
    I Don't Want You
    Needles and Pins
    I'm Against It
    I Wanna Be Sedated
    Go Mental
    She's The One
    Bad Brain
    It's A Long Way Back

  • Yesterday Rules Album (1/13/2004)
    Fucked Up On Life
    Big, Strange, Beautiful Hammer
    The Boyfriend Box
    Elizabeth Or Fight!
    Institutionalized Misogyny

  • ...And The Women Who Love Them Album (1/15/2002)
  • Alcatraz Album (9/14/1999)
  • Revenge Is Sweet And So Are You Album (8/26/1997)
  • Love Is Dead Album (1/19/1996)
  • Alternative Is Here to Stay Album (4/29/1995)
  • Our Bodies Our Selves Album (1/7/1994)
  • Milk, Milk, Lemonade Album (10/1/1992)
  • Making Things with Light Album (10/1/1990)
  • Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood Album (10/1/1989)
  • Night Shift at the Thrill Factory Album (10/1/1987)
  • Everyone's Entitled to Their Own Opinion Album (10/1/1986)

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