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Necro The Most Sadistic Lyrics

Last updated: 09/08/2008 12:00:00 PM

Necro speaking:{Yo, yo, yo, check this shit bitch,
for all you slime buckets, all over the land, peep it}

dancin on your grave like Borishnikov,
I'll rip you off,
leave you in the desert 'til the voltures strip your corpse,
then rape your fuckin' wife, until my dick is soft
'til the flesh is pealin' off,
I'm a devil consealed in cloth,
walk, walk or get stabbed with a fork,
you got a hole in your stomach,
yo plug it up with a cork, you dork,
lots of blood loss, red cross,
couldn't help your dead boss cut his head off,
brutal, sadistic, the only way,
I'll be remembered, after I'm dismemebered,
and my bones decay, a rap legend,
feel the aggressionary session,
my inventions of tention and powerful progression,
it's time, for sick rhymes, lunatic lines,
hit your mind like consuming strychnine,
for all the shells, clips and glocks,
you step to me with a weapon,
you'll be reppin' your click in a box


The most sadistic, you think not?
You might get shot, put 'em in a plot
We ain't playin, we ain't rhymin' for nothin'
Yo this shit is our life, so let me tell you somethin'
If you ever diss me I'ma bring it to you
Got a crew of psychopaths that'll stab you up too
Now say violence (violence), death (death)
Yo there ain't nothin left to say, this shit's fresh

[Ill Bill]
I'll kill, you could be my latest victim,
I'll take a shit on your brain and make you sniff it,
piss on your bitch's tits and make you lick it,
you fuckin' maggot,
you probably fucked one hundred faggots,
your a gay thug that loved jail and love gettin' your ass ripped,
come around here actin hardcore,
you never did dirt, you gonna get yourself hurt,
pull up your pink skirt,
your pink panties'll get your wig damaged,
go eat a dick sandwhich,
I can't stand this motherfucker,
make this bitch vanish from the planet,
I'll hit you like a ton of granite
get your blood splattered,
face bashed in, you can't win,
I'll stab you in the head wit shishkebab sticks,
while watchin' mob flicks, nasty like armpits
when I be suckin' on you mom's tits,
she my bitch, she on my dick,
tell that trick to stop callin' my crib,
why'd you say she wanted to kill the bitch?
smokin' green clove, walkin' around town flossin' the free clothes
doper than Special K explodin' in the fiend's nose

Chorus 1x
(fades out)
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