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The moment I said it
The moment I opened my mouth
Lead in your eyelids
Bulldozed the life out of me

I know what you're thinking
But darling you're not thinking straight
Suddenly things just happen we can't explain

It's not even light out
But you've somewhere to be
No hesitation
No I’ve never seen you like this
And I don't like it
I don't like it
I don't like it at all

Just put back the car keys
Or somebody's gonna get hurt
Who are you calling at this hour?
Sit down, come round, I need you now
We'll work it all out together
But we're getting nowhere tonight
Now sleep, I promise it'll all seem better
Somehow in time

It's not even light out
Suddenly (suddenly) oh, you've somewhere to be
With no hesitation
Oh, I've never seen you like this
You're scaring me
You're scaring me
You're scaring me to death

Don't…ohh (smash)
Please don't…ohh (and a-[please] nother one)
Don't…ohh (smash)
Please don't…ohh (and a-[please] nother one)

I'm losing you, I'm losing you
Trust me on this one
I've got a bad feeling
Trust me on this one
You're gonna throw it all away
With no hesitation


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cheating | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/14

In my opinion she did or said something (betrayal or something like that) that made him doubt their relationship. He goes of at cheats a number of times, and even though she has the feeling it's her foult, she feels that if he continues to leave in the night and cheats on her, she will have to break their relationship (smash) but she really doesn't want to (it's actually a scary idea for her). So she keeps trying to stop him from leaving in the night, trying to stop him from throwing their relationship away.

My thoughts. | Reviewer: Rosa Anna | 7/27/11

I honestly believe the gist of this is a man who is more sensitive than most.

I'm currently in a relationship where I am walking on eggshells with everything I say because anything - ANYTHING - could upset the man I'm with. And it's frightening since to make himself "happier" he'll drink.

I believe the point of this song is to say, the woman is confused as to why the man is so upset at something she mentioned. And having that man upset basically kills her inside.

Honestly this interpretation is so relatable to my life right now. Nothing makes sense when someone gets upset about everything, so it's hard to deal with the sudden reaction.

imogen is a subtle girl | Reviewer: g fortuna | 4/14/11

okay... I know no one here will agree with this... but I think she's describing something that simply broke the romance... or the trust (though it may not have been a sexual betrayal)... I think she's reflecting, regretfully, on her own outburst. I see her and him in his apartment (it's a big modern glass windowed thing that you might see in Sunset magazine) after a romantic night (probably mixed with creative work, in her case) and something about his total control of the situation has been getting her down. She's not supposed to go there. She has no right to get emotional with him, they don't have that kind of thing. It's all still in progress, up in the air, depending on everyone's good intentions and each one's own recognizance. But. Why isn't he claiming her? After this kind of night, she's getting angry because he's not really giving her the love she needs, he's keeping it all civilized and in control, like he always does. Damn. She loves him! Why doesn't he love her madly the way she thinks she could go for him? Right out loud! So, they're talking, and she says something weird. Her anger (after a sleepless night and a lot of talking) just comes out like a dagger. The moment she said it, she knew, she'd crossed the boundary. Civilization, the relationship he had agreed to, was suddenly broken. There was no turning back, but she kept going in her heart, deeper and deeper into her anger and distress. Trying to maintain herself. She's trying to get out of there before it gets too crazy, she's grabbing the car keys, she's making excuses for herself, but he won't just let her leave.. In his version of this, she'd have to lay back down and be silent while he goes back to sleep, and then she'd have to be there when they wake up in the morning and endure a rational conversation about how this relationship wasn't going to be really crazy romantic right now, for this reason and that reason. All the reasons she already knows about. Every time he tries to get her to stop this line of thinking, she gets more pissed off. He criticizes her in this state. Saying, he's never seen her like this and he doesn't like it at all. One more straw. The nerve! She really can't lie back down right now. The feeling is too big. Until finally, she's picking up the beautiful glass vases lining the banquette in the hallway and while he screams, "Don't!" "Stop!" she throws them against the far wall.

And it's very sad, that weird empty silence afterward, because, she really did want to love him.

Interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/11

Ok, there are a lot of different ideas on what this song is about, but I have two different ideas. 1) She moans another persons name during intimacy while they are both intoxicated, he gets angry and wants to leave, but she doesn't want him driving drunk, and then he gets in a car crash, and the dig is the digging of a grave because he died in the crash, or maybe during intimacy she may have had a flashback (perhaps from being sexually abused in her past) and after she explains what happened he is really upset, perhaps if the molester was someone they both know he is going to go confront him, (I still think at least he is intoxicated and gets killed in a car crash) And the "Please don't, and another one" are him throwing things in anger. That's my thoughts.

Relationship Over | Reviewer: Kath | 2/4/11

For me this hit home with a fight with my now ex-husband. Once married in 2003, our perfect world slowly unraveled. We moved away from family and friends and settled in the south. His sex addiction surfaced along with bi-polar disorder. He had cheated and finally I confronted him (it had become so obvious). From that point things were never the same and I couldn't take it back. He could not stand that I knew about all his secrets—(went to see his therapist whenever requested to be there) how he was abused as a child. The therapist thought this would help. Even a good little co-dependent like me couldn't get him back. He could never look me in the eye. After that we had the fight when I thought I might not make it to see another day in 2006; I finally feared for my life. The aggression grew more and more (then the apologies; again the aggression). That look of rage from a person you love is the worst experience in this world (sheer terror). "Smash" to me are the fists that pounded next to my face in his moments of rage. When I hear the part about "dig" brings back my biggest fear. When we were still living together my husband would go into a rage (his anxiety attacks), and each time I thought this might be the end. Then Mr. Liberal “no guns in the house” for 14 years suddenly wanting to buy a gun the last months we were together. Great, on medication and now he wants a gun. Would I be the “accidental shooting” mistaken for a burglar? So back to “dig” biggest fear. Would he take the aggression too far? Would he bury me and leave me for the police to find? Would he shoot me and leave me in a dumpster? Why is all his rage directed at me-- where did this come from? The fear. The fear. I would rather be alone forever than have that fear ever again. I’m safe (and he lives far away now). So, this song means many things to many people. A great artist has that way of leaving interpretation open. Although my interpretation is I’m sure disturbing, I found this song so sad because somebody else this happened to didn’t make it.

Bailey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/10

I agree. I think this song is about a wife breaking bad news to her husband such as their child being kidnapped. Even the tone of the song kinda gives off a feeling of complete shock about something neither of them could control. If it were about her telling him that she cheated on him, i think his reaction would make her feel regret if the problem was her fault, but she never does. Also, she wouldn't be saying things like "sit down, come round, i need you now" or talking about how he "throws it all away with no hesitation." I think this song portrays how much of an impact something like a kidnapping can be on a couple's relationship. the wife seems to be shocked at how easily he lost his self control and it scares her while on the other hand, the husband is probably wondering how she could be so calm at a time like this. because their reactions are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, they start to drift apart. Also, I heard this song at the end of a Criminal Minds episode about a young girl being kidnapped. I think this song is so beautiful in the fact that it portrays so much emotion in mere minutes. And, its wide open for so many interpretations. its songs like this that give inspiration to so many people. well done imogen heap :)

Interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/10

To me, it sounds like this song is about a wife breaking bad news to her husband, like thier daughter getting kidnapped or something like that. It's late at night, and the husband is really frantic and distraught. He starts calling people up and his wife tells him to calm down and try to think things through with her, but he won't listen. I don't know, that's just what it sounds like to me.

Hmm... | Reviewer: Nezumi | 9/21/10

You know, I think Lesser and jgib are the best bets. I thought this song was about a couple where the man was under the impression his wife/girlfriend was cheating on him because she said something wrong. The rest of the song being about her entreating him to come back, and she is scared for him, etc. But now that I read through these lyrics again, you're right, nowhere in the song does she say "I'm sorry" or "I regret what I've done," which seems a natural response to someone's anger at your mistake. I believe that it is possible she said the wrong name, and that is why her boyfriend/husband is angry at her, but it is also possible she was only speaking of bad news. However - what kind of bad news could she possibly say that elicits this reaction? Immediate departure? Picking up the phone at a (presumably) late hour? And maybe even smashing things? I noticed talking in the song, too, but I didn't realize till now he was saying "Where are you going?!" I feel that the husband/boyfriend's silence comes not from depression or melancholy, but a kind of fury or desperation to get away. And in order to cause such a strong reaction, I think he must have witnessed something terrible firsthand, not heard about it from his wife/girlfriend. So really, this song traces back to the singer, and we wonder what exactly she said. My guess is that she said something that really hit home. He's not necessarily drunk, but he's dangerous, which accounts for the "smash" and the "Please don't." She begins to worry when he dials on the phone and starts to retrieve his car keys, meaning he is leaving. What she said may or may not be her fault, and she doesn't apologize or express her remorse, but I feel it in here. Anyway, this is an eerily beautiful song, and I'm glad I discovered Imogen Heap when I did...

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/10

the first time i heard this song i immediately thought of my ex boyfriend. in the lyrics i heard fights we had had. i would confront him and he would deny everything... i remember asking " who are you calling at this hour?"...saying to myself "its not even light out but you've somewhere to be"

he would pacify me " ...its not what you think, darling you're not thinking straight...sit down, come round, i need you now"

but then the moment i said it(confronting him with what we both new was true) he could not look at me " lead on his eyelids- as if his eyelids were heavy"
as he avoided my gaze he did not know that i had stopped fighting " bulldozed the life out of me".

i'd never seen him like this and it was scaring me to death. he did not see me anymore. i felt like i was losing him. while he was blindsided he was loosiing me too because i had stopped fighting for us. i warned that he was throwing it all away, i guess he thought i'd always be there. one day he woke up and i had gone. the next time i saw him he cried but i had cried many many times when i was with him and he never even knew it.

Meaning | Reviewer: jgib | 7/28/10

The lyrics in the song are about a girl and a guy were having sex, and she said someone else's name. And then the song is telling about the after math, and the fight. And he drives off angry and gets in a car wreck.

What I think | Reviewer: Stacey | 7/26/10

I completely agree with Lesser. In fact in the actual song you can hear a man crying out to someone, "Where are you going?" It's about the only set of words that can be made out. The others are covered by the dig, dig, dig lines. You know they are's just you can not make them out.

I totally get it | Reviewer: Carrie Stevens | 7/2/10

I've never had a song move me like this one has and I can't stop listening to it :)
In a nutshell - she is dating someone who is very controlling....better known as a narcissitic. He has cheated on her but she loves him so much that she will do anything to keep him in her life. She is co-dependent. His eyes are lead because he has no empathy (narcissist). She doesn't understand why or how he could look at her with stone cold eyes...only for him to be moving on to his next victim. She starts to spiral out of control and he has sucked the very soul out of her (bulldozed the life out of me).
Trust me - I've been here before and it's scary as hell. Thank you Imogen for writing such an intense song with so much meaning. I'm healing and getting stronger each day.

It's not even light out... | Reviewer: Alice | 5/23/10

I'm just suggesting that maybe the man is drunk...
Maybe she telling him to put down the car keys because she thinks he's going to get in an accident...
The smashing could mean that she's thinking what if he gets in a crash...
These are just can never REALLY know unless the actual artist/singer can explain it themselves. It's a beautiful song though. :)

No evidence to suggest an affair. | Reviewer: Lesser | 5/21/10

I have to disagree with most of the interpretations here. I think that the narrative is about breaking bad news, but nothing specifically relating to the speaker herself.

I feel this is evident in the line: "Sadly things just happen we can't explain."

This implies that an accident has occurred, not a marital indiscretion. It does not suggest fault or guilt with the speaker, and I interpret that to mean that something unfortunate has happened elsewhere, perhaps to someone else they know--perhaps even their child.

Plus the general diction doesn't imply that the speaker has done anything wrong--just that the other is upset. And the speaker herself is distraught as well; she says that she needs them right now, and that they'll work it out together.

She never asks for forgiveness, she just seems very concerned with what they'll do in their state of mind.

Of course, just one of many interpretations, I'm sure. Just keep an open mind! It doesn't necessarily have to be about cheating, and there is nothing explicit to say it is.

A Break up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/10

For an Imogen Heap song, this one is pretty straightforward. She has told him for whatever reason, it just isn't working, she probably thought he felt so too hence her shock when he reacts so badly. He wants to get away, tries to call someone who will give him a bed for the night, he isn't drunk but his anger makes him dangerous behind the wheel of a car. She appeals to him to wait, sleep on his anger, she realises she has chosen a terrible moment to give him this news and now things seem to have got out of her control. The smash is what could happen, not what has. It also could be a metaphor for their relationship.

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