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Paul McCartney The Mess Lyrics

Last updated: 09/22/2011 11:00:00 AM

You Sailed Away One Night In June
I Heard You Say You Would Be Back Soon
But Since That Day It's Been On Long Loon
Oh - Sweet Darling The Mess I'm In

I Spoke To Jimmy With The Big Tattoo
Said Had He Seen Any Sign Of You
He Looked At Me And Then Laughed At You
See Just Wait A Minute, Oh Darling What A Mess I'm In

When I Want Ya Do I Get Ya
All I Needed Your Number,
Will You Give Me Your Number

Oh Sweet Darling
Oh Sweet Darling
Oh - Sweet Darling What A Mess I'm In
What A Mess I'm In, Since You Left Me
What A Mess I'm In, Oh Yeah
Oh Oh - Oh Oh Wo - Wo
Oh Oh - Oh Wo,Wo Wo

When You're Near Me
Can You Hear Me
I Can't See Ya
I Can Feel Ya
When You're Near Me

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Review of THE MESS by fan TONY ZAJAC | Reviewer: Tony Zajac | 9/22/11

This track is undoubtably one of the best and most memorable live tracks of Macca that I have ever heard. I first heard it in 1973 as it formed the "B" side of the single "My Love" which is another McCartney classic.

If I ever get to play live with a band, I would love to perform this number. If I ever get to play live with Paul this would be the track I would choose to sing.

Every time I hear it I feel it is brilliant and brings back so many memories!

Tony Zajac
(Very average guitar player and singer)