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Written by Alan Menken
from Rocky V soundtrack

These battered hands are all you own
This broken heart just turned to snow
Go hang your glories on the wall
There comes a time when castles fall
And all that's left is shifting in the sand

You're out of time, you're out of place
Look at your face
That's the measure of a man

This coat that fits you like a glove
These dirty streets you learned to love
So welcome back my long lost friend
You've been to hell and back again
And God alone knows how you crossed that span

Back on the beat, back to the start
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Trust in your heart
That's the measure of a man

It's the fire in the eyes, the lines on the hand
It's the things you understand
Permanent ties from which you once ran
That's the measure of a man

You've come full circle, now you're home
Without the gold, without the chrome
And this is where you've always been
You had to lose so you could win
And rise above your troubles while you can

Now you can love, now you can lose
Now you can choose
That's the measure of a man

It's the fire in the eyes, the lines on the hand
It's the things you understand
Permanent ties from which you once ran
That's the measure of a man

You've come full circle, now you're home
Without the gold, without the chrome
And this is where you've always been
You had to lose so you could win
And rise above your troubles while you can

Now you can love, now you can lose
Now you can choose
That's the measure of a man

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A heartwarming classic, and a gem of a song :) | Reviewer: John Bartus | 3/10/14

Elton John has had a long history of songs for over 40 years, this is one of his best projects; along with "Rocket Man" and for doing the soundtrack of "The Lion King". This song represents Rocky's journey throughout the films and what it means to have heart. Keep up the good work Elton John! :D

Measure of a man | Reviewer: Adam Shields | 8/23/13

Great song great lyrics, aswell as it being about Rocky's journey I also think it refers to Stallones also with obstacles he has had to overcome and his own achievements, where he came from and where he is today.

Esquire | Reviewer: Just Julius | 3/18/13

Its an expression of a million feelings,both of the victim and the on-looker. The measure of a man, a song like a legend worthy of being handed down from generation to generation;especially at those ceremonies/rituals whereby teens are turned to men. Dignifying song!

Masterpiece | Reviewer: live to win | 12/26/10

This song really has a deeper meaning, nowadays it's rare if a song has something that really makes you think... now it's just crap like Justin Bieber, his songs have no meaning at all - Anyway this is a real jewel - a relic, from an era when they made good music.

review song inspirational | Reviewer: rahul | 3/23/09

well song is definitely inspirational in the sense that it makes you think again and again when you seem troubled with what you achieved .it makes you believe there is more potential in you and you can do better achieve better .You have not fought that last round yet ..If you believe you can give yourself one more chance rather take one more chance to change things around you even though all dreams have shattered and you are broken and have to start again .If you believe you can take more and fight more you always have that last round waiting for you ...

Best song in Rocky | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/08

I have been a fan of rocky for many years and I love each movie. Each movie brings different themes in it and make you think about life. "The Measure Of A Man" is my favourite song of all the songs in all the rocky movies and for the reasons that eveyrone else have already posted many times which I wont repeat! Just a fantastic song for a fantastic movie series...Rocky is about the journey of a man's life and the opportunities we all have in life and questions our resolve and strength of will to achieve what we want of ourselves. Beautiful

Brilliant Choice | Reviewer: Rom | 5/27/08

My God i never cry but this song when it plays in the end of Rocky 5 makes me cry ,its a great song,meaningfull lyrics,beautifuly composed and sung by Elton and about the movie i dont have any words ,to me its the best movie of all times,Rocky Balboa is even more depressing,but the bottom line is it ain,t over untill its over ,that sums up everything,everytime i feel low i watch this movie and everytime it gives new inspiration and reasons to fight with the hardships of my life,there can never be any movie as good as this,this is it ,this is over

Rocky!!! | Reviewer: Itallian stallion | 3/26/08

In the ending of rocky 5 i start to understand that the series of the unforgettable rocky movies show us how rocky deals with his life not just about boxing but mainly how he copes with his life circumstances! The songs meanings show this!

Rocky always in our hearts | Reviewer: Kojok | 3/16/08

when i listen to this song i usually burst into tears thinking of the ending of rocky, it summarises his courageous life. The part "You had to lose so you could win" means his life. He lost his first shoot then won it. He lost his title than got it back.

different opinion | Reviewer: flash | 1/24/08

The way I se it, the song tries to point out that, in this life, it’s not the material accomplishments that matter, but the spiritual development that you manage to achieve.
In the end, material achievements will vanish (“there comes a time when castles fall”) and you will find yourself standing alone, having nothing but yourself. So, if a man should want to know his measure, he shouldn’t look at his material belongings, but look instead in the mirror, because what he sees there is all he’s really got.
To be satisfied by what you see in the mirror is all that matters, as the very purpose of life is not to accumulate wealth and glory, but to develop yourself spiritually.
So, I believe that the song attempts to show that, in this life, the material things (the gold and the chrome) can not be a purpose, a final objective – they are instead means of achieving spiritual development (in the end, it matters “the things you understand”).
At the end of your life, you find yourself to have come “full circle”, you find yourself at the same point you have started from. Now, you discover that the material achievements have really no value for you. The struggle for them during your whole lifetime had a single real purpose: to make you a better man.

Song of a lifetime. | Reviewer: umar | 11/30/07

rocky will live in our hearts forever as an eternal fountain of inspiration to fight for our dreams,to go for one last round till we win.the song summed up the dedication,discipline and hard work gone into making Rocky a legendary movie it is.i miss you rocky.

The Measure of a Man | Reviewer: PM | 11/23/07

You ever had moments where you felt everything you were attempting was not working? You ever felt down because nothing would fonction for you? Well, this song tells you, yeah you're not doing good, but you have to work to achieve your goals. You lost, but c'mon get up and make it to the top because you can, anyone can. Never forget though, where you come from

like a new sunshine | Reviewer: sumanta | 6/27/07

this is a song of strength, song of hope, song of life, when i getting frustrated by any thing
listen this song & i feel like reborn.the movie
have a great impression of my life & i think it's a song of every strugling people in this world.

stallion southpaw | Reviewer: stallion | 6/25/07

I think that this song in rocky 5 was a way to the over the last 14 years since 1976 it was a way to commemorate the time and money into this. about a underdog who gets a shot at the title then loses,wins,loses and wins again and i think that its a wise choice to put this song on rocky 5. and also commemorates the loss of sylvester stallone's assistant jane oliver. rocky 5 only had 2 stars. to me it should of won oscar and on the top 100 movie songs of all time.

about the song | Reviewer: val | 6/25/07

it was sad for all of us to hear that song and to watch old photo clips from the rocky archives the measure of a man is about rocky balboa going the distance whenever he would get in trouble he had to lose so he could win and rise above his troubles so he could win so it was a loss to see that. to see the end of rocky 5 but in a way it commemorated all the time that stallone put into these films.

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