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The Mantras Biography

Last updated: 02/17/2013 04:40:16 PM

The Mantras' fourth studio release, Jambands Ruined My Life, is a snapshot of a band on the rise. Recorded almost a year ago, Jambands Ruined My Life captures The Mantras in the middle of their growth from the regional ‘party band’ that North Carolina and the Southeast have grown to love into the progressive powerhouse that is touring the country today. Jambands Ruined My Life shows The Mantras’ ability to play with funk and jazz improvisation, live electronica, Middle Eastern, and progressive rock and blend it all seamlessly into the band’s funky, energetic, and confident sound.

A line-up change and family issues had The Mantras reeling in 2011 and 2012. This album allows the listener to hear the honesty of artists experiencing life and all it brings, expected or not. With Jambands Ruined My Life, The Mantras have taken these experiences and turned them into emotional, heartfelt music. The Mantras set out to release an album that is tight and expertly produced, while also showcasing the human side of music. This is something that is getting harder to come by, as computers appear to increasingly take over the music industry. For fans of bands that have made performing on their instruments a central part of their sound, this album leaves the listener relieved that improvisational, progressive rock with minimal computer automation is alive and well in America.

Given its title, Jambands Ruined My Life was appropriately recorded and produced at Jake Cinninger’s (Umphrey's McGee) Boondock Studios in Michigan by the band's full time sound engineer Matt Gordon, with help from Jake as a guest producer and engineer. Jake is also a featured guitarist on several tracks. The Mantras will join Umphrey’s McGee in Richmond, VA at The National on January 26 as part of a nationwide tour, which starts January 17 in Johnson City, TN. This tour has The Mantras performing extensively throughout the Midwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast. Dates are being added every week as The Mantras gain notoriety and momentum due to the anticipation of Jambands Ruined My Life.