The Maine Albums

  • Imaginary Numbers Album (12/10/2013)
    Raining In Paris
    Room With No Windows
    Perfectly Out Of Key
    Lovely Sad

  • Forever Halloween Album (6/4/2013)
    Take What You Can Carry
    Love & Drugs
    White Walls
    Birthday In Los Angeles
    Blood Red
    Kennedy Curse
    Sad Songs
    Fucked Up Kids
    These Four Words
    Forever Halloween
    Bonus Tracks
    So Criminal
    Ugly On The Inside
    Ice Cave

  • Pioneer Album (12/6/2011)
    My Heroine
    Some Days
    I'm Sorry
    Don't Give Up On Us
    When I'm At Home
    Thinking Of You
    Like We Did (Windows Down)
    While Listening To Rock & Roll
    Waiting For My Sun To Shine
    Bonus Tracks
    I Want You
    I'm Leaving
    You'll Never Know
    Hello World
    Good Love

  • In Darkness And In Light Album (12/28/2010)
    Untangle Me
    Book Of Me And You
    Whoever She Is
    Growing Up
    Washroom Color
    Saving Grace
    In Darkness & In Light

  • Black And White Album (7/13/2010)
  • ...And A Happy New Year Album (12/9/2008)
  • Can't Stop, Won't Stop Album (7/8/2008)
  • The Way We Talk Album (3/4/2008)
  • Stay Up, Get Down Album (3/1/2007)

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    Reviews about The Maine albums

    AH-MAZING | Reviewer: Dea
        ------ About the album Black And White performed by The Maine

    i effin love this record. Guys are amazing. They've got so far and I am so proud of them. The Record "black and white" is different from the first ep's and "cant stop, wont stop" but it's just amazing.
    My fav song is Give it to me or Fuel to the fire.
    i am really happy for them! :)

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