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The Maine Biography

Last updated: 09/18/2010 12:00:00 PM

The Maine is a band from Phoenix, Arizona, formed in January of 2007. After junior year, when most students look forward to slacking off as seniors, The Maine asked two members to graduate early so that they can share their music with the rest of the world.

The Maine started when Pat and Garrett were sick of jumping from garage band to garage band and wanted to take their unique vision of what music should be to the big time. John, Kennedy and Jared all had similiar ideas and the band knew they had the final line up as the hits and lyrics kept writing themselves. The Maine didn't want to continue in the screamo trend that they felt was swallowing their local music scene. They wanted to create a new sound and began drawing influences from 90's radio alternative bands. Meshing styles like indie, pop and rock can sound forced, often imitating other bands without a hint of originality, but for The Maine mixing a wide variety of genres just sounds natural.

After gathering a huge following through Myspace, The Maine played their first show in front of over 600 fans, acquired solely through word of mouth and this social networking site. Scouts from almost every major and indie record label were present waiting in line to sign them after their jaw dropping performance. The Maine's amazing live performances caught the eye of Fearless Records and booking agent Matt Galle.

The Maine love their job because they love music. In January 2007 The Maine had a goal to write original music and make the band their careers. Less then a year later, they had a rapidly growing bi-coastal following, signed onto Fearless Records. Now with their guitars strapped and mics checked all that is left is for The Maine to destroy your senses and capture your soul with their jaw dropping melodies and amazing hooks.

John O'Callaghan - Vocals
Kennedy Brock - Guitar and Back-up Vocals
Jared Monaco - Guitar
Garrett Nickelsen - Bass
Pat Kirch - Drums