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The Mad Caddies Biography

Last updated: 12/11/2007 11:00:00 AM

From the sunny shores of Southern California come Santa Barbara's Mad Caddies! Combining reggae, dixieland, surf, and ska with punk, the Caddies cover all the musical bases to bring you the rock. Their first record on Honest Don's, Quality Softcore, was a fresh blast of ska-core filled with hooks and horns. Not long after, they released their Fat Wreck Chords debut, the awesome Duck and Cover. Next came The Holiday Has Been Cancelled, a short and sweet 5-song EP to hold over the fans until the release of their third full length.

This is where things get interesting; enter Rock The Plank and the birth of Pirate-Core! The Mad Caddies have pioneered their own genre of punk combining their back-breaking drum beat and blazing guitars with the topics of buccaneers, peg-legs, and eye patches. Red Beard eat your heart out! Okay, okay, the record isn't really about pirate stuff, but it makes for a funny album title!

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