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The Lynns Biography

Last updated: 08/29/2000 03:25:28 AM

Peggy and Patsy Lynn may be relative newcomers to the country scene, but as the twin daughters of country legend Loretta Lynn, they have been raised in the music scene since their birth. Patsy Lynn is even named after the 'Queen of the Nashville Sound' (and their mother's best friend), Patsy Cline.

As the daughters of one of its hottest stars, the Lynns were first introduced to the Opry crowds at three weeks. By three years, the girls were regulars at Tootsie's (a bar frequented by the Opry insiders). The Lynns quickly learned to benefit from the swarms of fans who would gather at Hurricane Mills. During Loretta's long stretches of being away from home, the girls would pose for fans. Patsy and Peggy even sold pictures to buy a Barbie plane!

After singing backup for their mother and then went their seperate ways until Loretta brought the Lynns back together as a duet. Patsy explains, "I believe our mother knew what she was doing all along."

After landing a record deal, the Lynns chose Tootsie's as a showcase for their talents. The twins went under the name The Honk-A-Billies. Never once did the duo mention that they were Loretta's daughters. And so, their success is fully theirs.
Over the record contract, the twins revealed their lineage. As was expected, the company executives were shocked. But the record contract came to be and the Lynns recorded their first album for the same record company (Warner) that their aunt Crystal Gayle was with for many years.

With their own unique blend of modern and traditional country, the Lynns have become stars in their own right. Patsy and Peggy recognize Loretta as being their main influence, but want their fans to know that their success is deserved. Patsy explains, "It's time for us to come out of the shadow. Judge us for our music".