The Living End Lyrics

Chris Cheney - Vocals and guitar
Scott Owen - Upright bass and vocals
Trav Demsey - Drums

The Living End's story is already Australian rock'n'roll
folklore. It's an inspirational tale of punk ethos, classic
songwriting values and road-hardened live energy striking a
blistering chord with a massive audience. No compromise, no
prisoners, no worries.

The legacy of the Melbourne trio's phenomenal self-titled
1998 debut are enough to give any band the second album
heebie-jeebies: #1 debut, five times platinum, five hit
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Review about The Living End songs
Unoriginal Lyric Set Review Title | Reviewer: Rook
    ------ About the song I Want A Day performed by The Living End

You know, I always thought the lyrics went "sometimes I'm sick of being in a ru-
I want a day..." Where the word "rush" was cut off, which I thought was incredibly clever. Moreover, it fits better in the themes of time. Regardless, this is a pretty catchy song, perhaps not their strongest, but certainly up there.

The truth of MARY | Reviewer: Sariyah
    ------ About the song Bloody Mary performed by The Living End

It was night and me and my causin Kiki went in the bathroom we flushed the toilet one and said her name 3 times with the door looked then we stayed there I tail we here'd boom we seen her face and here then she steered at us right in the eye than she haunted us and she said until we DIED

don't do this | Reviewer: tia
    ------ About the song Bloody Mary performed by The Living End

the story about bloody mary!
onces a ago lived a old man and his gradson and there cat thay both went in the bath room and the lights went out!! .... the little boy told the gradfather a story becauses they were locked and he found candles so on ... he told the gradfather that his best friend told him and story about [BLOODY MARY] and he said that his best fiend should never do it BUT he tried it so did the gradfather the NEXT day his best friend came in there thay were DIED.................. so on next time bye

HE,SHE or YOU | Reviewer: trish murray-mcdonald
    ------ About the song Prisoner On the Inside performed by The Living End

i watched the show and loved it ... im not sure about the beginning of the song...... i thought it started off as..... he used to bring me roses..... some say its you used to bring me roses..... it could be sung with HE,SHE or YOU, but which is it.....

'Til the end | Reviewer: Allyson
    ------ About the song 'Til The End performed by The Living End

The Living End is really good at composing the best songs! This song is particularly cool because of it's repetitiveness and forcefulness, especially in the chorus. But i guess all songs be that band are like that. I love it!

This song is pretty great | Reviewer: Walter
    ------ About the song Carry Me Home performed by The Living End

I agree with the other reviewers, here. This song is by far one of the best guitar songs I have heard, the lyrics could be a bit controversial, but as another poster said, who cares? The singing's great to match the guitars, so what is there not to love about this song? It was also on Guitar Hero, of course, which is how I learned about it, and it was, of course, damn near impossible there as well. Anyways, guys. This is a great song, none of you out there should avoid it/miss it.

Great Cowboy song! | Reviewer: Tommy
    ------ About the song Lone Ranger performed by The Living End

This has to be one of the most amusing songs TLE have ever done, It's all about Cowboys! It's great, shame it is'nt a single though :/

But it is a B-Side!

Great song by a great band!

All time FAV living end song! | Reviewer: Tommy
    ------ About the song Tabloid Magazine performed by The Living End

the videos great, the song is fucking awsome, the band are great, and they are from australia! what more could you want!?
(that is a retorical question)

goin to see them on 20th of august =D

an epic!! | Reviewer: Slash J.
    ------ About the song The Room performed by The Living End

The Room is a one of a kind song for a few reasons:
1) on a CD that went in a more mainstream direction for TLE this song is really the most NON mainstream song in their collection
2) its 8:00 long! No Punk song even comes close to being 8:00 which proves yet again how diverse and technical TLE really is and how excellent of a Guitarist Chris Cheney is
3) It has 5 movements in the song: starts soft picking to acoustic strumming to a ska/bouncy verse to a rock chorus to a very weird country/swing solo all in this 8:00 span, key changes and all!
4) And the meaning is very insightful as well, not a bunch of cliches about love and such.

Carry Me Home | Reviewer: Miriam
    ------ About the song Carry Me Home performed by The Living End

amazing song....insane guitar playin.... the words haha controversial but who cares ... u try and play this song! impossible lol

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