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The Lillingtons Biography

Last updated: 04/14/2007

The Lillingtons (1996-2001, 2006-present) were a rock n roll band from Newcastle, Wyoming who made a mark on the world of punk rock.

Considered a pop punk act by contemporaries, they self-released their first full-length album titled "Shit Out Of Luck" in 1996. After a series of vinyl-only releases the band decided to change their sound, and in 1999 they went into the studio with legendary producer-engineer Mass Giorgini to record a new LP. The result was "Death By Television," an album which took sci-fi movie-themed songs such as "War Of The Worlds" and "Invasion Of The Saucermen" and combined them with tracks that made references to other schlocky retro themes, such as "X-Ray Specs" and "I Need Some (Brain Damage)". The band would spend the next two years touring heavily within the underground punk scene. They decicded to call it quits after teaming with Giorgini for one last album, the spy-themed LP "The Backchannel Broadcast"(released in February 2001 on Lookout!).

Fat Mike, lead singer-songwriter of renowned punk act NOFX, as well as the owner of punk record label Fat Wreck Chords, has been quoted as calling Death By Television by the Lillingtons "the best pop-punk album of all time."

Frontman Kody Lillington is currently a member of Laramie, Wyoming pop punk band Teenage Bottlerocket.

Red Scare Industries recently (2005) reissued Death By Television and Backchannel Broadcast.

The band has reunited and is recording tracks for a new album to be released in 2006. The Too Late Show will be recorded this summer at the Blasting Room and is expected to be released in October.

Drummer Timmy V is currently playing as a hired hand with Albuquerque NM all girl 3 piece The Eyeliners, and plays drums in his own project Stabbed In Back (currently recording first ep at ft collins Blasting Room to be released on Basement Records).

2nd Drummer Scott has been rumored to be somewhere in Austin Texas.

Former frontman Kody, Bassist Cory, Guitarist Zach, and Ray and Brandon from Teenage Bottlerocket have a side project Sack that put out an album entitled "Get Wrecked" on Clearview Records.

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