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The Libertines, in some form or other, started life as
Carlos Barât (guitars and vocals) and Peter Doherty
(guitars and vocals) way back in 1996. They were aiming to
be the best band in the world. They weren't quite there.

Hailing from the East End of London, the cockney two-some
were writing loads and loads of songs and playing acoustic
gigs in London pubs. Years passed, with friends and
bassists and drummers coming and going, but it wasn't until
2001 that things started to kick off.

Carl and Pete were joined by bassist John Hassall More...

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Review about The Libertines songs
to Katie's review | Reviewer: migge
    ------ About the song Tell The King performed by The Libertines

"If you are late you mustn't dare complain.." is most likely not meant for being late to a gig but being late to apologize, I would suggest if I went with your pete&carl theory.

Also the first verse I interpret the exact other way round, like everyone reminds you that you are nothing, until you become successful.

Grate lyricists | Reviewer: Katie
    ------ About the song Tell The King performed by The Libertines

I used to think this song was about Pete and his relationship with his dad but I now think it's about Pete and Carl:
Even now there's something
To be proud about
You come up the hard way
And they'll remind you every day
- Carl never believed he was good at what he did and that it would work out and had to be reminded by the growing number of fans he was amazing.

Oh my words in your mouth
Are mumbled all about
- Pete often said that Carl mumbled and possibly he was talking about how Carl 'twisted' how his drug addiction made him.

If you were late you musn't dare complain
- Pete was often late to shows but he is possibly questioning double standards to Carl

Until I'm levered off my face
And I can't work out what your on about
Didn't they explain
You have to play the game, oh-oh
- Doherty possibly saying that he is behaving as he is in order to play the game of fame and media stardom.

drinks and smokes his cares away
His heart is in the lonely way
Living in the ruins
Of a castle built on sand
- Barat sings softly about how Doherty drinks and smokes (drugs) to heal a lonely heart and is living in the ruins of a broken life and band.

Just some ideas. This theme of Pete and Carl makes sense if you continue you it onto Man who would be King.

NWLibertine | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Horrorshow performed by The Libertines

Should have changed the world we live in... the fact that they were touching distance of worldwide acknowledgement but never quite got there becuase of their own madness is exactly what they preached about the world we live in only now ten years on from this album and these songs and that feeling of coming out of a dark grey scene to a colourful world of with, humour , love, romance and genuine honesty is a million miles away in todays music: tahnk god its just a few of us who truly admire it and embrace it makes me feel like im on the right level

RE the guy below me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Up The Bracket performed by The Libertines

pete doherty is a poet, probably a better lyricist than carl, although you can't have one without the other, their lyrics compliment each other; on the same hand, carl is a better guitarist than pete (pete could only play a few chords and sing when they met)

Baseball cap | Reviewer: Gus
    ------ About the song Time For Heroes performed by The Libertines

The baseball cap line has nothing to do with American meritocracy replacing English hereditary class structures. It's about the people the Arctic Monkeys were also talking about when they mentioned "trackie-bottoms tucked in socks".

Johnny Borrell's only contribution to music | Reviewer: Buckley
    ------ About the song The Boy Looked At Johnny performed by The Libertines

Album filler but the Johnny in question is Johnny Borrell of Razorlight/skinny white jeans fame. Fairly self explanatory, it's about a guy taking offense to Borrell not remembering his name after partying all night with him & freeloading his narcotics. Not 100% on the New York City reference since that took place in Camden but it's possibly just a tacked on line from another song.

Pete's slacking around) | Reviewer: TheRoughman
    ------ About the song I Get Along performed by The Libertines

I think version from the album is better. They didn't sing together "Time for Heroes", "Up the bracket" or "Music when the lights go out" for example. So it sounds more authentically when Carl is singing "I get along" or "France", or "What Katie did"

Broken love song | Reviewer: Bosiegirl
    ------ About the song Can't Stand Me Now performed by The Libertines

I think this is one of the saddest songs ever written, and I can't listen to it easily.Two troubled souls who can't get past their problems, despite it being obvious to a blind man that they love and need each other. The hardest thing you'll ever learn is how to love and be loved in return...

Precious | Reviewer: Yimi
    ------ About the song Time For Heroes performed by The Libertines

This song is so wonderful, I love that inner strong of lyrics and music, and that feeling of pride and riot.

But the most I like this song is the elegance!

I am peruvian and I listen them since so several years, but they always sound fresh to me.

this song is lovely | Reviewer: zooey
    ------ About the song Last Post On The Bugle performed by The Libertines

This song is lovely, why cloud it with our own meanings as definitive meanings. No one will ever really know what its about except for Pete, and I'm not saying you can't try to translate it, its just that it means something different for everyone. I just think you shouldn't only think of your translation as the one true meaning, listen to everyone's opinion before you develop your own.

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