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Tell me where you're goin',
What is goin' wrong,
I felt you leavin',
Before you'd even gone,
Hold me now,
Or never, ever,
Hold me again,
No more talk,
Could take me from this,
Pain I'm in,
Pain I'm in,

See the moonlight shinin',
On your window pane,
See it leave you,
As faithful as it came,
Please yourself,
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So you don't have to,
Be afraid,
Make amends,
Or carry on another way,
Another way,

Tell me what you were thinkin',
To treat somebody so,
The care he took,
The lengths to which he'd go,
The coals are hot,
To walk across,
Without your shoes,
But in the end,
Know that you've got nothing to lose,
Nothin' to lose,
Oh~oh, oh~oh.

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Couldn't put my feelings better | Reviewer: Dana | 5/6/13

I listen to this song when things just feel really wrong. It's just so beautiful. There's so much emotion in Dans voice. It just hurts me to know that others are goin through the same things as me or rather, feel the same. Anyways, it's just a beautiful song... Saved for hard times.

Oh the Black Keys | Reviewer: Matt | 10/17/12

I found the Black Keys late into their musical career, but when I heard Brothers I greatly enjoyed their style and decided to dive deeper. I bought a few CD's, got Magic Potion on vinyl, but the first time I heard this song I was entranced. I think I listened to it every day (multiple times) for a month. It's absolutely gorgeous in its simplicity and I literally could listen to it all day, regardless of its mildly sad lyrics.

I thought it was only me | Reviewer: jean | 10/1/12

That felt these beautiful emotions when listening to this song. It's so amazing and sort of comforting to know that not everyone in this world enjoys mindless beats and the crap that is most of today's music. This song is everything everyone of you has described. You feel this song in your body and on your soul.

* | Reviewer: 16yearoldgirl | 9/3/12

I find it hard to put into words how this song makes me feel. It's the song that I listen to when I'm sad, confused, chilled out, tired, lonely, or that oddly euphoric but relaxed kind of happy. It's the perfect song to listen to while on the bus to school on a drizzly day, head against glass and gazing out to nothing. It's the perfect song to drift off to sleep to. It's the perfect song to put on repeat and never have to get sick of.

While the meaning of this song is fairly obvious, I still find that certain lines can jump out at me and solve any problems that I have. "You've got nothing to lose" "Hold me now or never ever hold me again" "Carry on another way".

The melancholic music and emotion in his voice, the gentle slide guitar, the last few seconds of guitar that leave you hanging, and the tiny details within the music... my mind is softened and ears opened as it all streams in, a beautiful river of sadness.

Music like this doesn't just happen. It's genius and so special. It irritates me that so many people, especially from my generation, can look past this deem it as "boring" or "depressing" and then go and listen to meaningless beats and machinery.

This is utter beauty, truth and raw emotion.

This song hits the spot... gives me that tingly feeling every time | Reviewer: brad | 5/19/11

There is nothing corny about the way this song makes me feel, it is absolutely phenomenal... I seriously get into a whole different mindset when I hear it, and the comments above are right on. It puts me in a good place and time, and is a track I could never get tired of listening to. Put it on loop while relaxing with your girl, driving, lonely... anytime. You'll love it too.

asjdbnvauiw | Reviewer: Briar | 4/27/11

My ex-boyfriend and I have this thing we call rainy day drive songs. It was like a special thing we did (and do, when we see each other), where we'd go for a long, long drive to nowhere on rainy days and just listen to sad songs and talk.

This song is a rainy day drive song. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else... but it's amazing, you should try it out especially with someone special or close to you. I understand and feel these lyrics perfectly right now. And the good news is that it's raining... So, I'm going for a drive.

Relaxing and beautiful | Reviewer: Nancy | 3/4/11

I just think this song is purely amazingly beautiful. When I'm in a mood for emotions this song hits my emotional side that is like a stress reliever of some sort. I've had this on reply for about an hour now. It makes me cry, but at the same time makes me feel something and thing about the person I really care about. Makes me picture my significant other and wish I was with her right now. I want to cuddle and hold hands with her, laying down on the ground outside and watch the stars and slowly gaze into each others eyes. That's what I feel right now. Damn, I really miss her greatly. :( Overall it's a really good song, and makes you think. I highly recommend this song.

wow | Reviewer: baby | 1/5/10

is all i have to say about this song.
its beautiful.
i cant get enough.
its gives me all the emotions a human can ever feel.
in a way makes me wana go out in the new pple and see new things with my fiance.
corny but true

So sadd | Reviewer: savannah | 12/29/09

I love this song so much but it always makes me cry because they played this song at my brothers funeral. he loved the black keys so i started listening to this song and i fell in love with it.

its so sad but amazingg<3
reminds me of my brother so much :(

Great Song | Reviewer: Greg | 1/15/09

Love it, could listen to it several times every day. To Kim, it may be corny, but I had a very similar experience driving in a snow storm in the middle of nowhere. However, my ipod died and my car slid into a ditch.

The Lengths | Reviewer: Kim | 1/2/09

drivi​ng home tonig​ht i had the most incre​dible​ feeli​ng.​ one i can'​t even reall​y put my finge​r on. i can'​t even reall​y expla​in how i felt.​ it was just peace​ and beaut​y of that momen​t.​

there was a thick​ fog that had taken​ over the dark city stree​ts.​ visib​ility​ was no more than 5 feet in any direc​tion.​ the only guide​ to find your way throu​gh the night​ were the light​s they dimly​ lit my passa​ge home.​

as i was drivi​ng, softl​y playi​ng the song the lengt​hs came on. from that secon​d to its finis​h every​thing​ felt perfe​ct.​ the momen​t was perfe​ct.​ the fog. the dim stree​t light​s.​ the quiet​ness of the world​.​ and the music​.​

the song finis​hed at almos​t the exact​ time i got home.​ i sat in my car and repla​yed the song again​ and just stare​d into the night​ haze.​

when it was over i walke​d into my house​ enter​ed my room and sudde​nly felt a wave of sadne​ss and depre​ssion​.​ all these​ mater​ial thing​s i have in my room could​ not bring​ me the feeli​ng of what that drive​ home did just a few minut​es ago.

you may think​ me corny​.​ or a dork.​ whate​ver.​ all i know is that for that drive​ to my house​ to mine i felt the most peace​ful that i have ever felt in my life.​

guhh. | Reviewer: tiff | 11/25/08

this song is amazing. i cannot get enough of it. the music is raw & beautiful & the lyrics don't disappoint. i could seriously have this on repeat all day & never tire of it. every time i hear the opening strains, i close my eyes & lean my head back & just...i dunno. it makes me melt.

Amazing | Reviewer: | 6/17/08

Man, this is one of the best songs ever written, and recorded. Hauntingly beautiful. If you don't have this song on your Pod... get it now. The Black Keys are one of the few bands out there playing real, original music...and this one is one of the best!

classic and beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/07

Great band and album. The Lengths is the only slow song which makes it all the more potent when listening to the full album. Even on it's own though it packs a wallop. The music is just so sweet and swaying. It has classic beauty and when I did finally read the lyrics I was not disappointed there either. The music is charmed and the delivery excellent!

Awesome | Reviewer: Kathy | 7/27/07

I love this song
The band sounds so original and the lyrics are really just amazing
Anyone that likes a unique sounding band would love these guys

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