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The Latency Biography

Last updated: 05/09/2012 12:00:00 PM

Fusing an underground edge with mainstream melodies, the Latency is the newest breed of band that will make you stand up and notice with blistering riffs and soaring melodies. Hailing from Maple Ridge BC, the Latency was formed two years ago when guitarist Ryan Stead and bass player Mathew Gendron met singer/guitarist Brandon Lehti at a local show that featured each of their respective bands on the bill. With all but one of the members just turned 18, they display a maturity and technicality well beyond their years.

The Latencys long awaited self-titled debut EP will be released on July 1st, 2008, followed by a two week supporting slot with Universal Records Recording Artists Hedley. Produced by Tommy Mac from Hedley, the album is the culmination of months of collaboration and writing. Tommy says I first came in contact with the band when I was doing an in-school appearance. They played for me and I instantly recognized the talent level of the band and honesty behind their songs. That inspired me to produce their album.

Singer/guitarist Brandon Lehti brings melody to the madness with pop-infused vocal hooks over hard and heavy riffs. Guitarist Ryan Stead balances out the pop with metal infused riffs and technicality, while bass player Mathew Gendron locks down the low end. Jonny Wiebe, drummer extraordinaire, is the newest member.

The goal of the band is to make music that inspires and connects with their audience in the same way that music has inspired and connected with them. This is especially relevant as Brandon and Ryan both come from broken homes, where music was and still is their means of escaping the turmoil and expressing the emotions that threaten to tear them apart, all while maintaining a positive attitude and a sense of hope. Their hope is that those in similar situations can identify and that Brandon and Ryans experiences can provide a sense of hope to those in similar situations. It is this raw honesty and emotion that allows them to form such a deep connection with their fans. Brandons lyrics also range from intensely personal meditations on heartache and loss to more universal themes about who we are, what our place is in the world today and the importance of being aware of the state of the world today. The ultimate honor would be if someone listens to a Latency song, and is inspired to make a positive change in their life.

With their intense songs creating an unbreakable bond between band and audience, and their massive amounts of talent, the Latency look to be a force for years to come. This release and tour is the first step to a long career.