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Dave Matthews Band and Dave Matthews The Last Stop Lyrics

Last updated: 03/15/2013 02:51:11 PM

The sun is well asleep
The moon is high above
But fire grows from the East
And how is this
Hate so deep?
Lead us all so blindly, killing, killing
Fools are we
If hate's the gate to peace
This is the last stop.

Oh is War
The only way to peace
Well, I don't fall for that
You're Raining tears
You're righteous, so righteous, SO RIGHTEOUS
You're always so right
Go ahead and dream
Go ahead believe that you are the chosen one.

Rain tears...

Oh no
Gracious even God
Bloodied on the cross
Your sins are washed enough
A mother's cry:
"Is hate so deep
Must my baby's bones
This hungry fire feed?"
Smoke clouds roll in
The symphony of death
This is the last stop.

Right is wrong now
Ha, shut up you big lie
Oh and the "black is white" lie
You comb your hair to
Hide your lying eyes
You're righteous, so righteous, SO RIGHTEOUS
You're always so right oh man
But why your lie
Go ahead and dream
Go ahead believe that you are the chosen one
This is the best stop.

Here there's always blowing up
And I hope that we can break it down
So it's not so black and white oh...
This is the last stop.

Here there's more than showing us
And I hope that we can break it down
So it's not so black and white
Black and white oh man...
You're righteous, you're righteous, you're RIGHTEOUS
You're always so right oh
And there you are nailing good to a tree
And then say forgive me, forgive me oh
Go ahead and dream
Go ahead believe that you are the chosen one
rain oh...

This is the last stop...

Here there is more than growing up
And I hope that we can break it back
It's not so black and white
So right...

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Best song in their entire repertoire! | Reviewer: Rob | 3/15/13

Wow, okay, first of all, I am a big fan of Dave Matthews and have been for years. Now, whether or not Dave is Christian(and seriously, go read the Bible and listen to his stuff. There are allusions to Christ EVERYWHERE and NOWHERE more so than THIS song. This song is about the hypocrisy of religious zealots. We learn from reading the Bible that whatever we do to someone we don't like, we do to Jesus("and there you are nailing good to a tree and then say forgive me). Go have a look at Matthew 25:31-46. Jesus didn't come to condemn the world but to save the world through Him(John 3:17), it worked. Yet MANY supposed Christians run around crucifying both non-believers and fellow Christians alike. The Bible also says that when we judge a brother or sister we murder them(James 2:1-13). God, our Father(the "Bartender") is LOVE. Pure, unconditional, impartial and constant LOVE. Our job as Christians is to EMULATE that love in the eyes of the world. WE are Christ's ambassadors to the world and LOVE is our job. And we all love in the same language so love NEVER looks like hate, it looks like love. So while "80 percent of Americans are Christian" only a fraction of us actually FOLLOW christ, which is the true definition OF Christian. Thinking Jesus is a nice idea OR a free ticket to treat people like shit is a complete and total reproach and such people who do such things are APOSTATES. Period. SO many wolves in sheeps clothing have gone out into the world that the world doesn't even know who God is anymore. You can't even say Jesus' name in public without somebody getting bent out of shape and feeling hated and that is NOT a fault on the person perceiving the hate but a fault on those who have misrepresented our Heavenly Father so severely that they actually think God hates them. So know this y'all, there is NOTHING you could EVER do or NOT do to make God love you more or less. YOU are His WORLD. He meticulously formed EVERY aspect of who you are and EVERY aspect of who you are OOZES with both purpose and meaning. You were MADE to be YOURSELF for the glory of God. You are not an accident and you are not forgotten or forsaken, you are forgiven and beloved. Both by ALL of God's sons and daughters(one of whom I am)AND BY God. He couldn't be happier with who you are. These idiots thinking God wants some holy war need to look up the word "oxymoron" in the dictionary because "fools are we that hate the gate to peace when this is the last stop." The Last Stop is about true heresy and the disgusting nature of it. Hate, violence and cruelty of ANY sort in the name of God is heresy in its most unholiest of forms and such people who behave in such ways will surely "go and die in a fire for their god" if they don't repent but their god is not our God. The devil loves to come as an angel of light and say "death to the infidels!" But meanwhile Jesus is saying, "You are my friends if you do what I command, my commandment to you is this: Love each other as I have loved you, greater love has no one than this: that he would lay down his life for his friends. Go and learn what this means, I desire mercy, not sacrifice or sacrificial victims." Tell the world. Seriously.

Protest, religion, hypocrisy | Reviewer: Nick | 12/1/12

This is a powerful protest against the bigotry and righteousness (assumed superiority) of the religious zealot, whatever their colour, whatever their belief. The faux arabic musical content suggest it is focused against the orthodox arabic cutures, whereas references to nailing good to a tree suggests an anti semetic stance ("good" equating to Christ and "blooded on the cross"). All things considered, it would seem that Dave is against organised religion of any sort, and most especially orthodox faithm dogma and hypocrisy. By the way, the spelling is English (as am I) and in case you wondered, I work for the DMB record label

Stupid idiots interpreting the song all wrong. | Reviewer: Dumb Christians Go Die | 3/4/12

Obviously Dave here is talking about how religion is wrong. How can you guys be so stupid to think that he is condoning religion or that he is trying to steer us toward the path to heaven. God, fucking idiot Christians just go die in a fire for your God.

Dave is talking about how righteous and "holy" you fucking religious tards are (or claim to be).

Sheeh, it doesn't take more than 2 brain-cells to figure out the message but then again in America where 80% of the people are Christian, I'm not surprised that people would actually interpret the song as something positive for their religion.

Go figure. Grow up and stop believing in fairy-tales.

Interpretation | Reviewer: Eric | 5/8/11

This song is an anti-war song (Dave Matthews is an outspoken supporter of peace). He's trying to convince his audience that war is never as simple as "good vs. evil" (it's never as simple as "black and white"). He's trying to get people to realize that many people we fight and kill during war are not evil, and that we are not always purely good or "righteous".

Interpretation | Reviewer: Mike | 3/3/11

Dave is not religious, at all. I don't think the song has any religious undertones whatsoever. All he's saying is that we, especially as Americans (a unusually religious society), are living in a hypocrisy between the way we like to think about life (what is right and wrong), and the way our actions reveal our true character. Perfect example: "You're nailing God to a tree, then say 'Forgive me, forgive me'".

Not poetry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/10

So wrong about that song, IMO.
He is saying that we should live and love our lives as if this is the only life we have. Let's not live our lives as if we are trying to get into heaven or in fear of a God. Live it as if this is all we have. Be good to one another because we SHOULD, not because we fear hell.

poetry | Reviewer: Jessie Ventru | 8/13/10

He is explaining that the end is near. and that the only way to peace is heaven. that the lies they feed us is no leadway to peace. they claim that the wars we fight are for the bettering of mankind and freedom. bullshit.