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Watching the stars till they're gone
Like an actor all alone
Who never knew the story he was in
Who never knew the story ends.
Like the sky reflecting my heart
All the colors become visible
When the morning begins
I'll read the last line

Owaranai ame dakishimeta yoru ga asa o mukaeru
Kokoro wa mada nureta mama

In endless rain I've been walking
Like a poet feeling pain
Trying to find the answers
Trying to hide the tears
But it was just a circle
That never ends
When the rain stops, I'll turn the page
The page of the first chapter
Kizutsuku dake kizutsuite wakatta hazu no kotae o
Doushite mada toi kaketeru
Am I wrong to be hurt
Am I wrong to feel pain
Am I wrong to be in the rain
Am I wrong to wish the night won't end
Am I wrong to cry
But I know, It's not wrong to sing The Last Song
Cause forever fades

Kigatsukeba mata hikari-yoru no sora o mitsumeteru
Sukoshi-zutsu kiete yuku OUR MEMORIES
Kizutsuku dake kizutsuite wakatta hazu no kotae o
Doushite mada toi kaketeru

I see red
I see blue
But the silver lining gradually takes over
When the morning begins
I'll be in the next chapter

Owaranai ame dakishimeta yoru ga asa o mukaeru
Kokoro wa mada nureta mama
Kizutsuku dake kizutsuite wakatta hazu no kotae o
Doushite mada toi kaketeru

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Simply a coment about | Reviewer: Keiga | 1/17/09

I don´t consider myself an X japan fan, but I also need to add I love their music, so, in fact it doesn´t matter if last song was written by Yoshiki or Toshi-sama I think It´s just a song by x japan, and of course this was written before Hyde death Thanks

The Last Song | Reviewer: Oedo Cowboy | 8/18/08

The song which is erroneously titled on the internet as Hide's Last Song is actuallya song from Toshi's solo career and is a song entitled Kimi Wa Inaika, as far as I know it has nothing to do with Hide and was a collaboration between Toshi and Masaya. It is still a very beautiful song but it wasn't performed by X Japan.

The Last Song | Reviewer: Cat | 7/10/08

The Last song wasn't written for hide. It was performed in their Last Live. You can feel heartbreaking sadness both in music and lyrics...
There is another song,created for hide,called "hide's last song". It is performed by X Japan.
And about Without you...people,Yoshiki himself said,that "Without you" WAS written FOR hide.

Forever X | Reviewer: Tay | 1/16/08

The Last Song was written by Yoshiki before the Last Live concert back in 1997, Hideto died in 1998 a year or so AFTER the final concert, get your facts straight people, it's not hard to research it online. I kind of always fancied that The Last Song was about Yoshiki's tumultuous relationship with Toshi at the time. When they perform it at the last live it's as if Toshi is singing it to Yoshiki, the lyrics are appropriate for the situation they are in. It's pretty heart breaking.

correction | Reviewer: Giuliano | 10/10/07

Actually the song was written for the last live concert, the band ended up because toshi left and not because of hide's death. Hide died a little time after the band splitted.
Without you was written by yoshiki for hide, yoshi-san himself said that (:

the last song | Reviewer: 1borg | 7/18/07

The last song was played in the last live - -', I have the video, but it was cutted in the dvd's version. How hide plays guitar in the live if the song has been written after his death ? - -'

Just Commenting | Reviewer: jr0ckfan | 6/28/07

Anonymous is right the last song isnt written for hide but without you is written FOR hide it is not a fan create folklore

Correction: Without you | Reviewer: Panthere Noire | 5/20/07

"Without you" was written after hides death, but Yoshiki has NEVER said that it was "for hide." The "for hide" part is simply fan created folklore.

Please keep facts straight.

correction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/07

actually the Last Song was sung as the last song of the Last Live. So it wasn't written for hide since hide was very much alive and performing at the concert during that time. Without You was written by Yoshiki for hide.

THE LAST SONG | Reviewer: X fan | 3/16/06

The Last Song is, as you may have guessed, X's last song. It was written after X disbanded in tribute to hide - one of their guitarists who tragically died by what appeared to be suicide, while drunk. Because of this, I feel The Last Song is amazing in terms of the emotion it puts across, and while it is a ballad it still appeals to fans of stronger music because of this. To any X (or hide) fan, I think this song is a must-hear...just so we won't forget :') It's fairly long (not as long as Art Of Life, though!) at exactly 11 minutes 28 seconds, and several minutes of that is pure piano. The lines Toshi sings in Japanese are sung amazingly, this song is a real tear-jerker.

I can't provide a link for this song, but if you want to hear it you can always mail me and I'll be more than happy to send it to you.

(please, however, note that the song is a sample. please buy the CDs and support the band!)

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