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She came from Providence,
the one in Rhode Island
Where the old world shadows hang
heavy in the air
She packed her hopes and dreams
like a refugee
Just as her father came across the sea

She heard about a place people were smilin'
They spoke about the red man's way,
and how they loved the land
And they came from everywhere
to the Great Divide
Seeking a place to stand
or a place to hide

Down in the crowded bars,
out for a good time,
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Can't wait to tell you all,
what it's like up there
And they called it paradise
I don't know why
Somebody laid the mountains low
while the town got high

Then the chilly winds blew down
Across the desert
through the canyons of the coast, to
the Malibu
Where the pretty people play,
hungry for power
to light their neon way
and give them things to do

Some rich men came and raped the land,
Nobody caught 'em
Put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and
Jesus people bought 'em
And they called it paradise
The place to be
They watched the hazy sun, sinking in the sea

You can leave it all behind
and sail to Lahaina
just like the missionaries did, so many years ago
They even brought a neon sign said "Jesus is coming"
Brought the white man's burden down
Brought the white man's reign

Who will provide the grand design?
What is yours and what is mine?
'Cause there is no more new frontier
We have got to make it here

We satifsy our endless needs and
justify our bloody deeds,
in the name of destiny and in the name
of God

And you can see them there,
On Sunday morning
Stand up and sing about
What it's like up there
They call it paradise
I don't know why
You call someplace paradise,
kiss it goodbye

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Will stand the test of time. HAS... | Reviewer: roger B | 3/6/14

J ust pick the CD up, way back in the seventies having agood time last resort hita cord something eles man...forty years onit means so much more!stillsogreat to lisson to what a voice..l wont be around in forty years time but my sons will..

Perfect wording for all the ills | Reviewer: Jermain J. | 1/2/14

I love that song from the time I heard it first in the 70s outside the USA. It has remained my favorite till date, a loving song, and a very thoughtful word to go with the beats.

The background | Reviewer: Just a Guy | 1/6/13

People are so funny, putting their fears and bias into this song. In about 1975 the President of Pepperine ran a girl over on PCH. She was killed. She was from Providence, RI. He got zero punishment Pepperdine are the Jesus people and they built a college up there on the hills. They are a Christian university. The laid the mountains low to build and corrupted local politics with their money.

Simple as that. When viewed from this fact set, the song makes perfect sense.

just a great song with some substance | Reviewer: | 1/25/12

why do most people drag religion into this great song?

more crimes against humanity have been perpetrated because of religion than any other reason...being an atheist I just see this song as a general truth about colonization...a perpetual truth about humans....religion=superstition... a crutch to hold onto........there is nothing after death people...sad but true. Many accounts of people dying & being revived...death brings a black void.

Missing the meaning of the song. | Reviewer: David Allen | 12/7/11

The purpose of the song is not to blame Christians or Christianity for the decay of society. The song is based on the idea of a very important era of US historical significance, that of Westward Expansion. Manifest Destiny was the idea that Americans were "mandated by Heaven" to move west and exploit the land for a profit in the name of progress and the United States "justified" their reasons in the name of God. Please get of your Holier than thou soap box and listen to the song. I too have been a Christian for many many years and not at any point have I ever been offended by this song. It was written as a political statement by the Eagles and is a statement of opinion on the ecological problems and why they were created. It is a story of US History.

Greatness | Reviewer: Lawrence Baltazar | 12/26/10

People have alot of different reasons why they like this song. They try and analyze every word. I just take it as it is. One of the greatest Eagles songs. Also s song that I love. When I first heard this song, I knew it was a song that I absolutely "MUST HAVE".

The Music.... | Reviewer: Tom | 7/18/10

I would first like to say that this is a terrific song. I was also wondering if anyone can give me some insight into the long bridge in the middle of this song. What effect do you feel it has? What is the intended meaning? Furthermore, I was wondering if anyone can give me any musical significance for this song? A lot is said about the lyrics, but the musical composition is rarely commented on. Thank you.

Powerful | Reviewer: RC | 6/7/09

If this song does not summarize the fast times and high life of emptiness, nothing does. The final cut on an incredible album that was released as the wild ride of the 1970s was in full was that warning signal that the abyss was straight ahead, but very few listened.

I agree with Pmas | Reviewer: Steve | 1/9/09

This song is not really anti-religion. Some of it is talking about what "we" do in the name of God or religion or whatever. And it also talks about how "we" tend to destroy paradise. You come out to California in the early days and it's got beautiful countryside, beaches, mountains, sun, gold, etc. Pretty soon everybody hears about it and the next thing you know that paradise is lost. It is a fantastiuc song and is definitley one of ny favorites.

At the center of the Eagle's work. | Reviewer: ebrent | 7/12/08

This song is the medicine within the sugar coating of much of the rest of the Eagles' output. I credit the Eagles for continuing to perform it. I'd also like to thank the group for its consummate musicianship and taste in its performances and recordings. These guys are pros . . .

Something to think about | Reviewer: beth | 5/19/08

I've been a fundamentalist Christian all my life. I still think this is a profound song. The "Christian Religion" is so far removed from Christianity as to be laughable. Jesus doesn't like mean! No matter who does it, or what reason they give for it! This song really gives us something to think about. Our motives are what we are ultimately judged by. And destroying anything in the name of any religion is WRONG!

Something to think about | Reviewer: Beth | 5/19/08

I am a Christian. I've been a Christian for 36 years. Our motives are what we will be judged for. Destroying anything in the name of any religion is just wrong. This song really gives us something to think about. We should be very carful of anything we do "in the name of God."

One of the best songs ever written | Reviewer: Pmas | 12/16/07

As I read some of the comments I agree with some view points and disagree at the same time. This song is about respecting our enviroment,humanity and other cultures.I was raised in the Church of Christ influences and I see this song as saying if (when the west was settled)we called this paradise then what happened to paradise? And the fear that when we as the human race call a place paradise we seem to make a mess of things. If you study the settling of the west you will find men who raped and murdered indians and other's and showed up to church on Sunday morning to show how "christian" they were. They claimed to do the Lords work. I happen to think that heaven is a far greater place than paradise could ever be.I think Don Henley was trying to say in this song that people do bad things and justify it by saying it was God's work. And that we as human beings tend to by into the "sounds good, looks good" approach without seeing the big picture of who it will hurt or affect in the end. I am christian and this song makes me stop and think everytime I hear it. Maybe you should stop and really listen to the words of the song.

Aside from the Religious Shit | Reviewer: DeafJam | 12/3/07

This song is the final peice of the hotel california puzzle. They did an awesome job with the lyrics and the music. Still havent seen them live yet, but the Hell freezes over DVD is still a good place to view it.
Also to point out that HC has no reference to Satanic Worship really. They explain it in a 60 minute interview and in the booklet you get from The Very Best cd package.

aside from the religious crap | Reviewer: DeafJam | 12/3/07

A killer song, the closing puzzle of Hotel California. Have yet to see it live tho, which disapoints me alot. And for the record, the album has nothing to do with Satanic Worship. Watch the 60 Minute interview and Henley will explain it.

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