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Meja The Land Of Makebelieve Lyrics

Last updated: 06/19/2002 10:14:53 PM

Come with me to a land never seen
a place in your dream
The world of Makebelieve
come with me to a time never been
a feeling within
The world of Makebelieve

There is one place right here
there is one place for every mind
There are so many, so many ways
to get there
just open up your mind
and I will take you there

There comes a time, you磍l discover
there comes a time when you learn to find
we got so many, so many ways
to get there
take a giant step
into the land of makebelieve

I will show you a place in your mind
it磗 easy to find
A world of Makebelieve
I will show you a sight for the blind
a world other kind
a World of Makebelieve

just open up your mind into the land of Makebelieve


It can be anywhere
you just know that you磖e there
when you磖e in the land of Makebelieve
Who can say what is real?
Just believe what you feel
and you find your world of makebelieve

A Land of Makebelieve