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Genesis The Lamia Lyrics

Last updated: 03/26/2013 10:37:37 AM

[Rael touches his face to confirm that he is still alive. He writes death off as an illusion, but notices a thick musky scent hanging in the air. He moves to the corner where the scent is stronger, discovering a crack in the rubble through which it is entering. He tries to shift the stones and eventually clears a hole large enough to crawl out of. The perfume is even stronger on the other side and he sets off to find its source, with a new-found energy.]

The scent grows richer; he knows he must be near.
He finds a long passageway lit by chandelier.
Each step he takes, the perfumes change from familiar fragrance to flavours strange.
A magnificent chamber meets his eye.

[He finally reaches a very ornate pink-water pool. It!
He finally reaches a very ornate pink-water pool; it is lavishly decorated with gold fittings.
The walls around the pool are covered with a maroon velvet up which honeysuckle is growing. From out of the mist on the water comes a series of ripples.]

Inside, a long rose-water pool is shrouded by fine mist.
Stepping in the moist silence, with a warm breeze he's gently kissed.
Thinking he is quite alone, he enters the room as if it were his own
But ripples on the sweet pink water reveal some company unthought of.

Rael stands astonished doubting his sight, struck by beauty, gripped in fright;
Three vermilion snakes of female face, the smallest motion, filled with grace.
Muted melodies fill the echoing hall, but there is no sign of warning in the siren's call: "Rael, welcome! We are the Lamia of the pool.
We have been waiting for our waters to bring you cool.”

[Three snake-like creatures are swimming towards Rael. Each reptilian creature has the diminutive head and breasts of a beautiful woman. His horror gives way to infatuation as their soft green eyes show their welcome. The Lamia invite him to taste the sweet water and he is quick to enter the pool. As soon as he swallows some liquid, a pale-blue luminescence drips off from his skin. The Lamia lick the liquid; very gently as they begin, with each new touch, he feels the need to give more and more.]

Putting fear beside him, he trusts in beauty blind.
He slips into the nectar, leaving his shredded clothes behind.
With their tongues, they test-taste and judge all that is mine.
They move in a series of caresses that glide up and down my spine.

[They knead his flesh until his bones appear to melt, and at a point at which he feels he cannot go beyond, they nibble at his body. Taking in the first drops of his blood, their eyes blacken and their bodies are shaken. Distraught with helpless passion, he watches as his lovers die. In a desperate attempt to bring what is left of them into his being, he takes and eats their bodies, and struggles to leave his lovers' nest.]

As they nibble the fruit of my flesh, I feel no pain,
Only a magic that a name would stain.
With the first drop of my blood in their veins, their faces are convulsed in mortal pains.
The fairest cries, “We all have loved you, Rael."

Each empty snake-like body floats,
Silent sorrow in empty boats.
A sickly sourness fills the room;
The bitter harvest of a dying bloom,
Looking for motion I know I will not find.
I stroke the curls now turning pale in which I'd lain entwined.

"O’ Lamia, your flesh that remains I will take as my food;
It is the scent of garlic that lingers on my chocolate fingers.”

Looking behind me, the water turns icy-blue
The lights are dimmed and once again the stage is set for you.

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trick is the better album | Reviewer: BRYAN N | 3/26/13

love lamb and as this was the album right before I discovered G the other being the brilliant and my favorite trick o the tail since that really explored a lot more depth of no LSD required story telling with much much better instrumental ability.

Dance on a volcano is Tony at his best, the choirs of entangled tir best usage of choirs. For depth of transcendent prose mad man moon and entangled eclipse lamb all by them self. The squonk is allegorical genius and trick of the tail explores an interesting what if scenario while ripples goes off into perhaps Tony's best piano masterpiece that is beautifully orchestrated with vocal performances I doubt Peter could ever manage to take on and hit the notes near as well as Phil did. If anything the band took Peter's leaving as a challenge to out genesis the old pre Phil genesis and IMHO they achieved it.

Brilliant song from a brilliant album | Reviewer: Mohalion | 3/4/13

This is Genesis at the peek of their evolution. The music in a musicians perspective is also challenging to say the least. The way emotions are captured is remarkable. The lyrics from the albund an enigma. and it sucks you in for years and years of exploring. For me there are no Genesis after the Lamb lies down. No problem with Phil and the other two having a superstar career. But they should atleast have put a small change in the name to mark the radical change of style. Mainstream is not my cup of tea, and many fans felt ridiculed when Neo-Genesis whent from Prog to pop. I dare to claim It is not possible to love pop-music as deeply as you can with more advanced music like from real Genesis. But then again, if it hadn't been for "neo-Genesis" then I might not ever have heard about the real Genesis. And what a loss that would have been! We all have loved you Rael!

Genesis revisited | Reviewer: Marc De Schryver | 3/1/13

I've been a fan since the mid 70's. All the old stuff , ... I would say... Up until and including 'And then there were three....' was brilliant. Recently I purchaced Steve Hackett's 'Genesis Revisited II' album. It's amazing... One of the gems is this number 'The Lamia' which I had completely forgotten about. Nik Kershaw does the vocals and he does it beautyfully. What a fantastic track... And the lyrics are just amazing.... Like someone else wrote that ,'the lamb lies down on Broadway' let's you use your imagination to create a movie in your head while listening.... Spot on. Sad that there are so few bands that make this kind of brilliant music.

Back in NYC | Reviewer: John C | 7/6/12

Just recently listened again to the album via youtube. I first listened to this album in 1975 when I was sixteen in nyc. I later listened to albums like spot the pidgeon and songs like watcher of the skies. This to me was like a rock opera acid trip journey through a post apocalyptic nyc by a drugged juvenile delinquent boy pre occupied with sex such as i was at that time. Back in NYC has the anger arson rage of urban youth. The heavenly grace of hairless heart is so beautiful. The love lust fear death and consumption in lamia of the pool is the forbiden fruit of love. Love transcends life fear and death. As I am older now I have experienced this truth of beauty and love. I learned it from this song before I ever experienced it. The total sound of this record creates its visual story in my mind. I am truly grateful for it, what a fantastic gift.

Brilliant Lyrics | Reviewer: ePosts | 6/10/12

I can't think of another lyric in rock music that comes as close as The Lamia to capturing the spirit of the 19th-Century Romantic Poets. Gabriel's delivery is perfect. Bringing Keats into rock, he sounds at first apologetic. The pathos of the opening lines are vocalized with this humble melancholy that do there absolute best to avoid any elitism. You just know Gabriel's intentions are true. It is an incredible effort on both musicians and singer to pull this song off. Pretty amazing.

Lamia one of the Best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/12

I have been listening to this album for over 35 years, and songs like The Lamia never lose thier magic. My favorite part is the guitar solo at the end, it complete's the emotion of the song perfectly.

Genesis Best? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/11

I don't think The Lamb is Genesis best. More like Gabriel's need to express or prove his spiritual depth. It's a bit arrogant on his part. He may have been trying to prove that he was the equal of his long time friend Tony Banks. Musically I don't think he was. As far as writing goes in the band as a whole Mike and Tony did the lions share of it, Peter was the connection to the crowd, but not the soul of Genesis. He is talented, but no more than his band mates. There is an interesting kind of obscure book about the lamb that's worth reading if the Album really has you wondering about it's meaning, as far as the Band goes read Genesis:chapeter & verse. My favorite Genesis albums are in chronological order: Selling England By The Pound; Trick of the Tail; and Duke. They are my favorite band of all time so far. Sad the Three are no longer writing music together.

Review about The Lamia | Reviewer: Dave | 6/11/11

Having listened to Genesis for over 40 yrs - I must say their creativity changed after Lamb Lies Down. They were easily more sucessful as a band after Peter than before, the market was different, the songs were different, the politics were different. Peter's era of Genesis HAS been rediscovered by "newer" Genesis fans that only know "Mama" and the latter. But having been listening since "In the Beginning" - the Peter and Steve years are my favorite and always will be. May the reunion/world tour happen in my lifetime.

Fantastic | Reviewer: Bernie | 5/25/11

I'm an absolute Genesis fan, and this song I found to be my favourite song ever. The lyrics are strange and poetic and for Gabriel's style one of the most coherent. The sphere of the lyrics is follwed perfectly by the music. The solo at the end is magically, and one of Hackett's finest.

For the Love of Genesis | Reviewer: Lesley Wentzell | 2/7/11

I was born in 1974 and grew to love this album. It's one of my favorites of all time. However, I must humbly disagree with the notion that what followed Peter Gabriel's departure was not true Genesis. I love the fact that Phil didn't simply copy the former front man and can listen to the first two phases (and... yes, even some of phase three!) of my favorite band with a fondness that, for me, is unmatched by any other.

Brilliant album. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/10

Lamb Lies Down on Broadway was Genesis' pinnacle. The story is a bit odd, but the music, lyrics and music is brilliant. This was the real genesis, not what followed. Listen to the entire album. Its one of the top 25 albums of all times.