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The first thing to learn about The Kooks (named, need we
mention, after the track of the same name on ‘Hunky Dory’)
is that, as their name suggests, they like to take a
chance. But let’s get nineteen year old singer Luke
Pritchard to explain: "Bands tend to do one thing and then
stick to it" he says, constructing a roll-up beneath a
tangle of Syd Barrett-esque curls. “With The Kooks we plan
to do the opposite. When there’s so much music to explore,
why limit yourself?”

Brighton’s The Kooks are that rarest of pop entities: a
scuzzy, More...

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Review about The Kooks songs
person | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Naive performed by The Kooks

I think the song talks about the guy's girl listening to someone that's totally after her and she believes the jack-a breaking them up . That's why he calls her naive and also the part that goes "True or false it may be she is still out to get me." That would also explain the part about here bringing ugly although she's beautiful. That's why she cheats and drinks because of relationship stress. And who would enjoy asking your girlfriend or boyfriend if they believe you're doing something your clearly not.

Maybe I'm an idiot but... | Reviewer: StClipper
    ------ About the song Naive performed by The Kooks

...I know this song is about a girl who cheated blahblah listeng to it logicaly it is, but I felt something different... (I like to see things from different points of view) Listened to it and reading the lyrics I see a guy telling a girl that he is no good, that the relationship ends and/because she figured out all the crap he did to her, then he saying in a mocking way "how could this be done by such a smiling etc... You're so naive yet so. ut she still out to get me, could be like "she does everything for me to stay" just dont let me down (he againg mocking or she saying this)and hold on to your kite (ok, girl keep dreaming i will change) Like a dialog...don't know howto explain it better, sorry. And Im totally aware this is because y sentimental status :P

Epic | Reviewer: Lucy Diamond
    ------ About the song I Already Miss You performed by The Kooks

There are so many things that happened to me during my life, there were sooo many positive and negative experiences... listening to the Kooks, and especially to this song, helps me to assimilate my life. It's not the irrelevant trash to that we have to listen in this times... it's wonderful and important! I love the Kooks. I hope you understood what I mean even though my english is really terrible.

Well Done, but not quite | Reviewer: stephen rathje
    ------ About the song She Moves In Her Own Way performed by The Kooks

This song creates a perfect example of what the Kooks are capable of achieving. Near Success. No full success, but near success. The lyrics are ALMOST impeccable, and the Chord progression is ALMOST orgasmic. Well done, but not quite.

Do you want to See The World? | Reviewer: Gregory Wallace
    ------ About the song See The World performed by The Kooks

What struck me about this song was how upbeat it was compared to Seaside. The two guitars are so loud, energetic and seem to compete with each other to be heard in the verses. Even so, the bass still manages to be heard as well (especially at the line "Yeah but you should"). The drums are also energetic, to match the guitars and excellent vocals. This song is one of the best on the album and has to get 5 out of 5.

Love~ | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Already Miss You performed by The Kooks

I adore this song. I listen to it on Repeat often, and I'm currently working on making a video montage for my boyfriend and I am considering using this song for the video... :)
I am going away to University, and he is two years behind me in school, so I'll be away from him two years, I miss him already, just from thinking about it... :(

But I love him, dearly. :)

love this song! | Reviewer: swissmiss719
    ------ About the song She Moves In Her Own Way performed by The Kooks

1.think of your crush.
2.make a heart with your hands
3.then kiss your hands while still making the heart.
4.then put the heart where your real heart is
5.tomorrow your crush will ask you out.
6.this will only work if you post this to your favorite love song

love this song! one of my favs and always blast it in my room when im alone!

Well | Reviewer: cookie
    ------ About the song I Already Miss You performed by The Kooks

I dont have any boyfriend and the curious thing is that even though i've had never had a boyfriend, i've been broken hearted many times.

i love the kooks music, they always make me feel good when im sad, i love their sound, beat, voice everthing it's pure music, the one you can hear, and still love like the first time you ever heard it.

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Naive performed by The Kooks

To me, this song represents a significant relationship gone stale between a seemingly sweet and pretty girl, and a headstrong guy. They've both "moved on" with their lives, but chances are she'll be back for him, as her negligence/indifference was to blame for the break up. The guy gave it his all at the time, but has his pride and went his own way after the split, not wanting to ask for anything. He's also aware that she knows him as well as he knows her, and she most likely has future plans for him (as she's realized you can't duplicate a one-of-a-kind). The girl is beautiful, has a new guy, and has everyone fooled in believing she's such a sweetheart and that everything's alright, as she's always smiling, but it's really a disguise for a much uglier inside. He really knows her little secret and what everyone else doesn't know, and he also knows she'll be back for him.

Naiveeee | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Naive performed by The Kooks

Well, in my opinion it's about a girl who's an alcoholic
'such an ugly name for something so beatiful' and even though she gets drunk and cheats on him he's still gonna be there for her, as you see in the video how he's holding her hair back while she pukes. That's how I see it. I absolutely love this song, it's catchy and actually means something unlike all the other crap music. He's voice, accent and the beat, ahhhh I just can't get enough of this song. It's magic.

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