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London, Brixton Academy, 29 October 2004. Two figures,
under dim lights, which obscure more than illuminate. One,
his jacket zippered up to his chin, eyes glaring
headlight-style at the distant balcony, slashes and
twitches in time to the rhythm of his guitar riffs. The
other, her raven hair matted over her face, sways and rocks
and thrashes along, incanting into her microphone the
sweetest seduction one moment, then untethered rage the
next. For one song, she sports a large floppy-brimmed hat.
Afterwards, she removes it.

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Review about The Kills songs
It's STEAL | Reviewer: STEVE
    ------ About the song Tape Song performed by The Kills

Jess, I bought the CD, and it contains a booklet with the lyrics to the songs and it clearly states that the lyrics are "go STEAL ahead," and not "go STRAIGHT ahead." So I really really hope that's not the part of the lyrics you got tattooed on your collarbone and arms, even it would be comedy gold if you did tattoo the wrong lyrics on yourself.

steal? | Reviewer: jess
    ------ About the song Tape Song performed by The Kills

it's 'you've got to go straight ahead.' not 'you got to go steal ahead.'

anyways... one of the greatest songs ever written. I've got parts of the lyrics on my arms and my collarbone.

Hahaha | Reviewer: Camrin
    ------ About the song Tape Song performed by The Kills

I had the lyric "time ain't gonna cure you honey time don't give a shit" stuck in my head for well over a year, all the time barely noticing myself muttering it over and over as I went about my day. It wasn't until a friend of mine asked me the name of "that song I was constantly singing" that I realized I had no idea. I completely forgot about it for a while until the very same friend was singing it and I immediately asked her if she had ever found the name. She said no, and we promptly googled it.
Neither of us had ever heard of the kills and we had no earthly idea of anywhere we had heard it other from each other.
My brother started listening to the kills a few years later, but I still can't remember just where I'd originally heard it. In fact, now that I think of it, I've never even learned the tune.

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