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UB40 The Key Lyrics

Last updated: 03/07/2000 01:49:24 AM

Trenchtown Jamaica
Gave the Wailers their soun`
Like a steppin` razor
The Brother Tosh `im come aroun`
Yellow Man and Eek-A-Mouse
Dem a trod `pon newer groun`
While Scratch and The Scientist
Dem jus` keep on mixin` down.

The mighty General and Eastwood
Draw me out of my seat
The Lone Ranger ride in
To rock me` pon me feet
The dreaded Flabba Holt and Style Scott
Start fe put down a radical beat
Wid Mistra Isaacs
Puttin` melodies so sweet.

(Ad lib.......)


Reggae music is
The key to my heart
Reggae music is
My stop and start
From dusk to dawn
The music is my high.