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The Epilogues The Keene Act Lyrics

Last updated: 11/19/2012 05:24:23 PM

Is time at an end?
The only sign
I’m losing my faith again

Oh is this right to feel so numb?
Oh this is like I feel no one

Cause I don’t think I’ve lost control
I don’t feel anything anymore
I don’t think I’m letting go
I don’t feel anything at all
Just let it go until there’s no one

Strange how everything remains the same yet
Torn from my devices I see things another way

Oh is it wrong to feel so numb?
Oh is it wrong to feel no one?

Am I falling under now?
To this siren’s haunting sound
Cause I fight and I fight
But I’ve tried and I’m tired of this life

Oh I think it’s found me,
Cause I can feel a fear that I have never known
Oh I feel it now, a gentle woe that grows and grows
Oh I hear them now, they call for me with subtle sounds
Oh god it’s all around me now, I feel the pull as it drags me down!
When it comes it comes!