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Greg Kot of the Chicago "Tribune" has called punk/noise
heroes the Jesus Lizard "the best live band on the planet."
They recently jumped ship from Chicago indie label Touch &
Go to major label Capitol Records. In concert, Singer David
Yow frequents the mosh pit as much as the stage and
generally works the crowd into a frenzied delight. Yow was
arrested after a 1995 Lollapalooza concert in Cincinnati
for exposing himself on stage. The Jesus Lizard's new
album, "Blue," is out now. They also contributed a track to
Touch and Go's "Lounge More...

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happiness...can't afford no warranty | Reviewer: adam burnett
    ------ About the song Postcoital Glow performed by The Jesus Lizard

can't say enough so i'll just say a little

this song sums up every fear the media conncted public fights to subdue.

step out of the mainstream and face your fear (no reason to be scared of life). friends and family are great in small doses, but huddling together to avoid oneself denies your one chance to feel comfortable in your own skin. leave the happy snakes behind, choose water over beer, get addicted to life....laugh at yourself, alot! you can't be ready for anything. stick around though and see what happens.

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