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The Jacka Biography

Last updated: 06/15/2012 12:00:00 PM

The death of 2Pac in the mid 90's ripped the heart out of West Coast Hip Hop. At the same time a young street poet named the Jacka was honing his skills in the Bay Area Rap game. Born to teenage parents, he was raised in the hip hop culture and exposed to break dancing, rap music and graffiti at an unusually young age. While growing up, he was a very serious fan of the whole hip hop culture as well as music in general. Always open minded, he was influenced by b-boys and thugs, pimps and Imams. The Jacka has since developed into an
West Coast independent phenomenon, who reigns for being the dopest.

He has been featured on over 100 albums over the past seven years. His contributions to the Mob Figaz self-entitled album resulted in over 100,000 units sold. He has toured with many artists including Mac Dre, Yukmouth (of the Luniz), C-Bo, the Mob Figaz, and Keak da Sneak as well as by himself in order to create nationwide notoriety. His first solo release (featuring Too $hort, Cormega, Christion, and Yukmouth) in 2002 sold over 20,000 units. Jacka sold these units himself, in the Bay Area and through shipping to one-stops across the country. Though great support came from the Bay Area, more than half of Jacka's sales came from outside of California.

Jacka's success proves his mettle as an emcee. His sophomore album The Jack Artist (2005), is one of the higher selling albums in the Bay Area, on pace to outsell his debut release. With hit singles such as 'Barney (More Crime)' ft. Cormega and Rydah J. Klyde (Mob Figaz), and 'Girls Say' to go along with nothing dope album cuts like 'Looking At It' ft. Keak da Sneak and Yukmouth & 'Never Blink', the album was an instant classic with the fans.

In 2006 & 2007, the Jacka stayed pushing a fury of music with continuous features, collaborations and mixtapes with DJ's such as DJ Juice, The Demolition Men & DJ KTone. The demand for his underground music accelerated him into the position of being nominated in the 2nd annual Bay Area Rap Scene Awards (B.A.R.S.) for 'Best Underground Artist', as well as 'Group of the Year' for his affiliation as a member of the Mob Figaz.

His dedication to music and hard work paid off when he received the award for 'Best Underground Artist' in 2006. He also beat out heavy competition to win the 2008 Ozone Award for "Patiently Waiting: California".

Currently at over 8 million myspace plays, his latest 2 newly released singles have soared to over 1 million plays each.

With the success of winning two important awards, Jacka still continues to raise the bar by maintaining the momentum in the Bay Area and in key markets outside the Bay. He's received countless magazine/online press Nationally & Internationally including UK, Canada, and Germany. Releases including 'Devilz Rejectz', 'Mob Trial 1 & 2', and a side project entitled 'Jack of All Trades' has kept his fans happy and his fan base growing. He released 13 seperate projects in 2008, including "The Street Album", which debuted on Billboard Charts Top 100 @ #91. In June 2009, the Jacka released his 3rd solo, and most highly anticipated album 'Tear Gas'. The album skyrocketed on multiple Billboard Charts, charting @ #4 Rap Album, #12 R&B/Hip Hop Album, #13 Indie Album, & #93 Top 200 Album in the Country during its first week of release - over 11k sold in the first month.

The Jacka's lyrics voice the code of the streets and the stories of everyday struggles. His message is one of faith, growth, and determination in the midst of dope, and unsolved murders.

The Jacka is a leading force in filling the gap left by past-departed West Coast soldiers. Listen closer.