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The Story of the Incredible String Band
The short biography taken from Making Time. A longer
version will be added in due course.

One of the more unusual groups to come out of Britain in
the 1960s, the Incredible String Band were highly
influential in their day with the likes of Robert Plant and
the Rolling Stones citing them as references. The String
Band is one of those groups that are very difficult to
categorise, sometimes described as psychedelic folk music,
they were certainly an early exponent of World Music in the

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Review about The Incredible String Band songs
Mark Goff | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song October Song performed by The Incredible String Band

I bought this album when it was first released and listened to it hundreds of times (often in an "expanded" state of mind). It's still the best acoustical folk album of the late 60's.) I had the privilege of seeing them at Woodstock and they were "incredible".

    ------ About the song The Hedgehog's Song performed by The Incredible String Band

Many years ago there was a Children's TV show in the UK called Playaway. Hosted by Brian Cant and Toni Arthur, who I later found out had had a folk music career before moving to TV, and a couple of others. And one Saturday morning, for the education and edification of the nation's youth, they all paraded round the usual brightly-coloured boxes and oversized dolls typical of the genre and sang this song. And the world was a better place...

Increds Veshengro | Reviewer: wendy boyd
    ------ About the song Veshengro performed by The Incredible String Band

As with most of the increds lyrics it is the intuition that is called in when trying to understand what some of the lyrics are about - later i will look up the meaning of veshengro but my feeling-impression is it is about the evolution of consciousness as expressed or played out through many incarnations on Earth. Many of the songs are expressing the theme of creation and incarnation and it is my belief that this band are a band of disciple-initiates who have used music and song as a vehicle to share the wisdom teachings handed down and making them tangible for folks in this age. To bring to life what the soul knows and to aid in the birth of the soul in this great creative cycle. What a beautiful way to teach! By teaching i mean to draw forth that which is already awaiting precipitation, and not to put in as does formal or orthodox education - in other words the increds have played a vital role in drawing out the soul in others - in the sixties we understood this as to 'to turn someone on'. Apologies to the band if this is not in keeping with their intention - its just my interpretation.

Happily growing cows. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hirem Pawnitof / Fairies' Hornpipe performed by The Incredible String Band

There was a song by the Incredible String Band who's title I couldn't recall but it contained the phrase "happily growing cows" and that's unique enough to lead me right to it. Happy to live in the age of google.

Easy tuning | Reviewer: Dave Ellis
    ------ About the song October Song performed by The Incredible String Band

This song works well with a dropped D. The riff played on a whistle by Roy Williamson of the Corries is easy to follow if you slide the D shape up to fret 5 using the open dropped D alternating on fret 5. The poetry in this is sometime equalled but never surpassed.

murder time | Reviewer: Robin Roland
    ------ About the song October Song performed by The Incredible String Band

The last verse is:
sometimes I want to murder time
sometimes when my heart's aching
but mostly I just stroll along
the path that he is taking.
This song is easy to play in a DADF#AD tuning, tho' Robin Williamson doesn't use that. I like it slower and more pensive. Beautiful lyrics!

beautiful music | Reviewer: Charlotte
    ------ About the song The Half-Remarkable Question performed by The Incredible String Band

How is it that a life changing treasure could be shadowed by such terrible performers (i.e. Lady Gaga,Justin Bieber, Katy Perry). This generation has lost simplicity, peacefulness, and contentment.

The Hedgehog Song's rebutal | Reviewer: David N Board
    ------ About the song The Hedgehog's Song performed by The Incredible String Band

The Hedgehogs song has been like the gateway drug to the ISB. That Album has been my closest and most faithful and relaible frind since the 1969 when I first discovered it. There is greatness in the bands work in those days. Greatness and humility. This is an unusual combination but Heron and Williamson have embodied and blended that commbination better than anyone I have ever experienced. My greatest hope in life is that they will somehow get to read what I am about to write because I feel that i owe them this. Thank You all so very very much. My life would have been that much poorer without the joy and comfort I have enjoyed from the Hedghogg Song.

Long time ago.... | Reviewer: Mike Carter
    ------ About the song The Hedgehog's Song performed by The Incredible String Band

..... 1968, to be precise, and I'm in an all-night hoot in Steinfurth bei Bad Nauheim, Germany. It's well into the lantern hours, and we're starting to run down on things we've not already sung. One of the Kura brothers (Klaus Peter, I think) starts the Hedgehog Song, did it a couple of times with what I remember as some splendid harmonies from the bunch (well, the ones who were still awake and/or capable). I'm humming the thing all the way home (was stationed in Wiesbaden) and used to do the first verse and chorus as a sort of warm-up for the fingers.

Times passes, and I'd pretty much forgotten the song, then somebody heard me playing the thing and was delighted that somebody remembered ISB. So we sang the first verse and the chorus (neither one could remember the rest) a couple times, I explained why I sang it in a German-person-doing-slightly-Brit-accent, and that was about all there was to it.

It's now much later .... now, in fact .... and I'm trying to get as much of the 60's and 70's down on paper before everything fades. Trying not to get old is pretty pointless, but don't get freaked when a lot of stuff gets erased or merged with other, similar things. My solution is to try and gather the lyrics and music to what I remember singing (found a couple of gig lists a while back, so that helps) and trying to get photos or whatever to help me sort out the whole thing.

Enough exposition. THis is one of those songs you sing through once, and half the people n the room are singing the chorus by the end of the first verse. Sing it through a second time, and they're picking up parts of the verses. That, kid, is folk. Maybe not Alan Lomax and CERTAINLY not the neo-Celtic stuff, and I strongly suspect it wasn't intended as such, but it works.

What the Holy F was that ? | Reviewer: Raven Blackwell
    ------ About the song October Song performed by The Incredible String Band

October Song by the incredible string band is the most beautiful Recorded Song I have ever heard sang by a man.

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