The Incredible String Band Albums

  • The Chelsea Sessions 1967 Album (11/1/1997)
    Alice Is A Long Time Gone
    Blues For The Muse
    Born In Your Town
    First Girl I Loved
    Gently Tender
    Good Dog
    Little Cloud
    Lover Man
    See Your Face And I Know You
    The Eyes Of Fate
    The Iron Stone
    The Mad Hatter's Song

  • Hard Rope & Silken Twine Album (11/1/1974)
    Maker Of Islands
    Cold February
    Glancing Love
    Dreams Of No Return
    Dumb Kate

  • No Ruinous Feud Album (11/1/1973)
    Down Before Cathay
    Saturday Maybe
    Old Buccaneer
    At The Lighthouse Dance
    Second Fiddle
    Circus Girl
    Turquoise Blue
    My Blue Tears
    Weather The Storm
    Little Girl

  • Earthspan Album (11/1/1972)
    My Father Was A Lighthouse Keeper
    Restless Night
    Sunday Song
    Black Jack David
    Banks Of Sweet Italy
    The Actor
    Moon Hang Low
    Sailor And The Dancer

  • Liquid Acrobat as Regards the Air Album (11/1/1971)
  • U Album (11/1/1970)
  • I Looked Up Album (11/1/1970)
  • Be Glad for the Song Has No Ending Album (11/1/1970)
  • The Big Huge Album (11/1/1969)
  • Changing Horses Album (11/1/1969)
  • Wee Tam Album (11/1/1968)
  • The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter Album (11/1/1968)
  • The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion Album (11/1/1967)
  • The Incredible String Band Album (11/1/1966)

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    Reviews about The Incredible String Band albums
    first time | Reviewer: chalkie
        ------ About the album I Looked Up performed by The Incredible String Band

    I heard of the isb from a friend in 1971.after hearing this album I was totally hooked by a band who has infuenced popular music since the sixties. They have consistently played to packed houses At many university towns and cities robin heron has created some very original sounds over the years with mike heron any modern song maker could not go wrong studying them Ian if you ever read this thank you for introducing me to such a great band

    A cut above heaven... | Reviewer: Cressida Gaukroger
        ------ About the album Liquid Acrobat as Regards the Air performed by The Incredible String Band

    This is possibly one of the greatest albums released by one of the most influential, beautiful, and originally talented bands ever formed. Robin Williamson and Mike Herron moved their music even further with their later releases, still keeping the originally hippie and almost psycadelic sounds that made their first releases great, but with a new complexity of sound partly due to an even bigger range of instruments which create even more layers to an already unique and moving form.

    I strongly suggest that when listening to "Tree”, a re-recording of an earlier song that has been improved upon with a new utter fierceness that it emits from every point, you turn the volume up to full during the chorus.

    -Buy the album, and you'll have no trouble knowing what I mean.

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