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Underoath The Impact of Reason Lyrics

Last updated: 10/30/2008 11:00:00 AM

Prop open the door
I can actually, see my breath tonight
That doesn't mean I'm breathing
Crack a smile, just for the sake of it
This could take a while
A long while

Silence is golden, especially in this case

I'm not too sure, that I want it to be this way
Open mouth closed eyes, no words are escaping

It's all a blur
It's too dark to see
Ain't it pretty?
The way it all streaks together at night
Together at night

I think its time to turn around
I really want to, go home tonight [x2]

I feel, like this is going nowhere
I feel, like this is going nowhere
Try to think of something quick
And trust the direction, of the driver

No lights, No signs
I'm at a loss for words[2x]

Now conversation sparks
What an easy way to break the ice[2x]

Thanks to Kinnin Flores for submitting The Impact of Reason Lyrics.

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amazing | Reviewer: o2l | 10/29/2008

I was in the subway going home...and i discovered that song in my mp3...i just cant stop listening to it. this is one of my favorite underoath songs after "to whom it may concern"
Impact of reason is so well written and like someone here said it even poetry cant match it

UO rules | Reviewer: Sean | 4/4/2008

I've been following these guys since the dawn of time...and they are simply amazing. I'm not even Christian but I love their style and lyrics...this song is definitely one of my favorites...and like dude before me said...the last line is the bomb...the way spencer screams amazing..

first kiss | Reviewer: sarah | 2/18/2008

so i was in the car with this guy i really like and he is a junior and its kind of a big deal cuz im only a freshman...well we were listening to this song and when the part came up "open mouth closed eyes, no words are escaping" he leaned over and liped the words and kissed me softly not to long or to short just perfect...hes just perfect

gd gd | Reviewer: Whit3_Crow | 12/10/2007

i love the last part "now conversation sparks, what an easy way to break the ice" .. love it .. something about well sung lyrics that not even poetry can match

Wow.. | Reviewer: Mikie | 3/15/2007

Amazing song.. I love the riffs, the harmonies, and ESPECIALLY the lyrics! Thx for submitting them!