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Gary Numan The Image Is Lyrics

Last updated: 03/28/2006 12:00:00 PM

I intrude on patience
I intrude on young hearts
I intrude on all such things
That can take you by surprise
Time and time again

I've no welcome for you
I've no welcome for talk
I've no welcome in my house
I've tried too long you know
Time and time again.

Oh look there's a man inside
My head's not the museum it's supposed to be.
We sleep with machines that breathe
And some even have names.
The executives dream?

We're all so sincere
I'll sing a song from the film
That broke your heart.
Oh, look at the smile that cracked.
Tomorrow we'll be civilised
And burn the whole world down

We don't believe in you
We're specialised mechanics in repairing the bitch.
You dance around my head
They say it's illegal
But I'm sure it's Okay