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The Icarus Line Biography

Last updated: 03/25/2003 02:09:26 AM

the icarus line are:
Joe Cardamone - vocals
Lance Arnao - bass
Alvin Deguzman - guitar
Aaron North - guitar
Jeff Watson - drums

Ladies and Gentlemen we are the Icarus Line.
Crank! is giving us some money to make a full length recording to be released on Crank. Right now we are writing music and words for our first LP, "Mono".

Anybody see the Democratic Convention on the tube? Angry Protesters. Rage. Rubber Bullets. Holy Shit! Lets just say we have never been prouder to call the City of Angeles our home.

We haven't always been writing tunes for this album though, we have a couple other records that we spent time creating over the last two years. Two EP's, a split with Philly's finest (Ink & Dagger) and a one sided single; you might be able to find them in your local records store but most likely you won't.

We tour when we can get some good shows away from home or whenever someone drops a line letting us know that its ok to come to their town. Check for dates and so much more.

That's right, we've been here for two years and may be a couple more.

So to all you kiddies and adults in computer land eat your veggies, brush your teeth and don't trust a goddamn soul.

Thanks to Candace/ for submitting the biography.