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Coldplay The Hardest Part Lyrics

Last updated: 08/16/2013 08:12:44 AM

And the hardest part
Was letting go, not taking part
Was the hardest part

And the strangest thing
Was waiting for that bell to ring
It was the strangest start

I could feel it go down
Bittersweet, I could taste in my mouth
Silver lining the cloud
Oh and I
I wish that I could work it out

And the hardest part
Was letting go, not taking part
You really broke my heart

And I tried to sing
But I couldn't think of anything
And that was the hardest part

I could feel it go down
You left the sweetest taste in my mouth
You're a silver lining the clouds
Oh and I
Oh and I
I wonder what it's all about
I wonder what it's all about

Everything I know is wrong
Everything I do, it just comes undone
And everything is torn apart

Oh and it's the hardest part
That's the hardest part
Yeah that's the hardest part
That's the hardest part

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find myself in it | Reviewer: chicz | 4/2/12

such a nice song from Coldplay. so gentle, but painful.. I can feel myself inside this song, the lyrics just fits.. Love s.o so much but have to let they go, because they want to.. :)

My Very Fave Band | Reviewer: Nox | 2/26/12

I love Coldplay cause their lyrics are so original and wise and I especially love Chris(his voice is wonderful and he seems to have such a clever and good personality) but I like Guy and Will and Johnny too...
This song is full of emotions and makes me cry every time (like all of theirs after all)...Way to go!

the hardest part.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/11

to me, this song has a quite special and very personal meaning.. the lyrics sum up what i felt while sitting by my grannie's deathbed. my grannie was someone i've always loved and admired deeply and eversince i was born, the two of us have had a very special relationship. so, yes indeed, 'letting go was the hardest thing' for me to do while holding her hand, letting her go. and 'waiting for that bell to ring (waiting for her to die) was the strangest thing'. it was actually by far the strangest, the most 'real' and the most intense moment of my life, waiting for that precise moment when life ends to come. for that particular moment when someone so loved and dear to you crosses the borderline and brutally disappears never to return again.
'oh and i, i wonder what it's all about'.. and i hope she is somewhere up there still watching over me.
wonderful sad song..

meaning...for me | Reviewer: eldaino | 7/7/10

to me this song is not about him leaving anyone, but moreso him not being strong enough, or at least strong enough in the other parties eyes, to stick around IN that relationship. maybe he had something to do, or was at a different place in his life...tried to make it work but it just was not happening.

yet, he realizes how special this love was, hence why it was so hard to let it/her go....and to not take part in that persons life anymore....maybe the bell to ring is more of a bell like in a boxing match...he always knew things would end badly and no matter how wonderful it was, he found it strange that he was always waiting for said 'bell to ring'.

x | Reviewer: georgiar. | 9/11/09

i'm thirteen, &absolotley ( can't spell ) adore this song. the lyrics are amazing, coldplay are an extraordinary band. near enough every song of there's i love. 'the scientist' has to be my fave tho. loveeeeeee coldplay :)

great band of coldplay | Reviewer: vickey | 8/31/09

This song is perfect in every single way. I love it most when he plays it only on piano, and then fades into Postcards From Far Away, like in the live 2009 CD that just went up on their website yesterday. (LeftRightLeftRightLeft). If you haven't heard that version you should really listen to it, it's beautiful!

I love Coldplay! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/09

I just love Coldplay! Every song is a revelation for me... What a wonderful,full of emotion music! What an expressive voice the singer has!I travel far away with their music! Overall, Coldplay are a great band. And the hardest part, is a big success.....!

LOVE IT. | Reviewer: Jess | 5/16/09

This song is perfect in every single way. I love it most when he plays it only on piano, and then fades into Postcards From Far Away, like in the live 2009 CD that just went up on their website yesterday. (LeftRightLeftRightLeft). If you haven't heard that version you should really listen to it, it's beautiful!

fantastic | Reviewer: desta | 4/7/09

coldplay the best band in our generation as long as it is me and alternative rock.strong lyrics which i always feel deep inside me.i love this song along with what if, a message,don't panic,spies,clocks,speed of sound ..oh i mean generally all songs.
i am their number 1 fan

the D from Ethiopia

Absolute Beautiful Song! | Reviewer: JLF | 1/7/09

This song is beautiful! Saw Coldplay in concert a few months ago and Chris sang this song alone with only a piano---it was absolutely wonderful! Interesting to read the different meanings this song has for people.

too late for an opinion, but anyway I get late everywhere.. | Reviewer: capsuleboy | 11/21/08

Great, didn't like the video though. But the song blew my mind (along with "What if" and "talk"). Guess sad people love this kind of songs about emotions.. just like "the cage" and "driftwood" by Travis. and many others.
Some say it is about a woman leaving him, some that it's about drugs (it might be a drugdealer he is "waiting for that bell to ring", which would be the strangest thing).
Oh, and I..... I wonder what its all about, but i'd say it's about a woman.

Wonderfull song | Reviewer: axeoth | 10/25/08

Well... I love coldplay :)

I traveled 800 kilometers to see them live in Prague this year. And I must say: it was absolutly fantastic. Chris is a genius. And the others also. Awesome.

About this song...Chris sang it alone, only he and his piano. Like Unplugged. It was one of best pieces, really. It was slower, full of emotions...Masterfully done. I just...clap my hands and pray coldplay will never leave their way. Its the only group I can listen again and again to. Hope to see them again soon !

Great song with great meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/08

its pretty much a song about division and love.. "waiting for the bell to ring" means like waiting for the phone or housebell to ring and he doesnt know why they broke up and he wants to get back together. He feels that he is the bad part of their relationship and he doesnt know how to improve himself so he can be able to love the woman again. another great one by coldplay

about | Reviewer: symbol | 9/10/08

i'm pretty much sure that the song is about cocaine or summin similar. not saying that chris has done it ( but i guess so ) but maybe experiences from others or him with others who do.. whatever. it perfectly describes a drug related feeling. and also i do know it from someone i can not tell anybody about. but it's great that lyrics always appeal to people in different ways.
whatever, good song anyways

..................!!!!..................... | Reviewer: barlito | 12/9/07

Coldplay's music is just perfect..all the songs..they're just a legend..Chris sings right straight to my heart..and this song is the most emotional effect of alternative rock ever..guitar,bass and the light piano harmonize with chris voice.this song is like pure baby's drugs,,drives me straight a festive heaven even if i lie sleepy,,"BITTERsweet i could taste in my mouth" know the lyrics mean so much for MY song..really love singing it loudly wherever i am..