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Take a joke! | Reviewer: Ken
    ------ About the song Friends of Mine performed by The Guess Who

For theonewhoknows. lighten up! IIRC the song was a tongue in cheek poke at the Doors, who had included several long songs on there first albums. IOW, its not to be taken nearly as seriously as you did. Also, your blatant overgeneralization of several generations is as valuable as any blanket statement about any group of anything-- not very much.

Unique, Timeless, One of the Band's Best | Reviewer: Daniel
    ------ About the song Undun performed by The Guess Who

A great band,and this song does have a jazz feel, and has a good structure. Of course, it is about a girl who took LSD,and the title was somewhat pinched,from one of Dylan's songs.

A fine band,and a reminder as to the sheer talent of the era.

Get the meaning, yet? | Reviewer: theonewhoknows
    ------ About the song Friends of Mine performed by The Guess Who

A bunch of hippie junk that came from, unsurprisingly, a junk generation that accomplished nothing except perpetual self indulgence, torn families, and should never be forgiven for dropping their 'love' b.s. for disco and cocaine. "Wasted Generation" indeed. One that practiced the blame game like none before it only to spawn and produce a new generation of idiots who rather than defining themselves, now worship at the altar of b.s. marketed as 'success'. Their music is the same today. Flowers and rainbows and Amazing, Epic Experiences. They too, like their parents, claim a newness and uniqueness and Authentic Originality that is anything but. How can they be blamed? Their middle aged parents in marketing saw the huge numbers of their growing spawn and embued them with a desire to reflect fondly on their gods of rrrrrock and rrrrrollll: hendrix, morrison, and joplin. That's right kids...your parents are living vicariously through you, feeding on your short span of youth because their own is long gone, all the flowers in their hair faded and dry. And they told you and they tell you that you are special for becoming as mad and corrupt as they are.

THAT is the truth pointed at in this song, ironically enough, and just as ironically, you too will miss it.

And these very same hippies, now Botoxing their way to the grave that's just around the cornor, damned this band when they came out with "American Woman". Interesting, no?

So how many ex wives does your daddy have?
Let me guess: He's been born again
and has repented for all those unknown children
spread throughout the land
who are doing doing time in prison
for the sins of your dad
he won't walk the stairs as the condemned man
they will
and that's always been his plan.

Fuck hippies.
Oh already have.

    ------ About the song Moan For You Joe performed by The Guess Who

the words are soooooo felt. the MUSIC is way ahead of it's time ! the organ part, the SIGNER, and the arrangement IS SOOOOOOOOO WELL DONE !
the song itself has EVERYTHING PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR !!! thanks, GINO.

Example of just how good the Guess Who was | Reviewer: Craig
    ------ About the song Do You Miss Me Darlin'? performed by The Guess Who

I can't understand why this band doesn't get a lot more respect than it does. They had a decent run of hits and memorable songs. American Woman is a staple from that era. And gems like Do You Miss Me Darling? were common in their albums. Very underrated band! Love this song!!!

Three More Days in Review.... | Reviewer: Tonya A Johnson
    ------ About the song Three More Days performed by The Guess Who

This song is a collaboration between Cummings/Winter. Kurt plays a searing guitar along with soulful vocals from Burton . One of the best songs by The Guess Who. Breaking it down as if processed through a sound mixer, you can hear how masterfully each instrument, backup and lead vocal were put together. Beautiful, flawless and captivating to listen to...

Great song | Reviewer: Dale
    ------ About the song American Woman performed by The Guess Who

It's funny how every comment is against either Canada or USA. I will say both American and Canadian women(Anglophones)are fat,stuck up,and holier than thou...
It's a draw:America for the money, Quebec for the girls...

Al 316 | Reviewer: Al 316
    ------ About the song These Eyes performed by The Guess Who

This is one of those songs you like but, always wondered why they crammed so many words into it. Although the words are repeated over and over you are still wondering if you got them correct. These eyes are crying but there never going to see another woman or is it one? Like I had with you?

The emotion behind the lyrics | Reviewer: Tonya A. Johnson
    ------ About the song Do You Miss Me Darlin'? performed by The Guess Who

Only true fans are familar with this gem. The song has flawless vocals. Burtons' vocals are intense and sheer power and passion. The piano break in the middle has always brought to mind raindrops falling into a puddle on a lonely,longing Sunday afternoon. And the question , Do you miss me Darlin ? Beautiful song in every way.

The grass is greener on the other side | Reviewer: Dr.dan
    ------ About the song Undun performed by The Guess Who

The more I dig into the amazing talents of Bachman and Cummings the more I'm blown away. I'm turning fifty one soon and only in the past couple of years have I rediscovered this incredible library of genius! The Guess Who, Canada, wow!

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