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So here it is again
Rape and pillage prooves
To win the public vote

Someone tell me who will take the prize
And who takes the fall

So confused when you're lost in the groove
So confused when you're lost in the groove

And down time comes again
And her masks are shifting like a chameleon
Someone tell me why she brakes my fall
And then breaks my heart

So confused when you're lost in the groove
So confused when you're lost in the groove


So confused when you're lost in the groove
So confused when you're lost in the groove

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Muse= life | Reviewer: Shey | 4/22/12

This song i so poetic yet when deciphered, it haves an amazing message. This song to me shows the different sides to a person and uses a great comparison to a chameleon. Also when it says " someone tells me why she breaks my fall, and than she breaks my heart". When i see this, it makes me think of someone helping out their partner and than being there when needed the most and then suddenly he/she breaks his/her heart. I have been listening to muse songs for about 7 years now. No song yet fails to dissapoint me.

All girls are heartbreakers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/11

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so heres mine. When i listen to this awesome groove i immediately think of a girl and how at times she can be mad for you and really like your even love you and then changes faces in an instant like a the song says "And her masks are shifting like a chameleon" She may be there to break my fall at times and be my friend but thats just not enough because in the end you have feelings for this woman/girl but she turns around and breaks your heart. You may be confused with this and thats perfect because that makes two of us.

"So confused when you're lost in the groove"

Great song though.

time-tempered fan | Reviewer: bach7001 | 2/1/11

okay, frankly i love Muse, and i love this song. a lot. but i have to say, the people that profess to the "number one fan" or all that crap about them being the best band ever. broaden your horizons, people! Muse is helluv awesome! but they're no gods of rock, for heaven's sake. keep it real and find other great music, because i promise it's out there!

I used to be obsessed.... | Reviewer: The Noodle Fish | 1/24/11

Now it's my bloody religion! I discovered Muse when I was 9 years old in the form of New Born, and it immediately became my favorite song. Since then, the band has led me on a merry journey of discovery, imagination, rediscovery, and complete BLISS. I have heard every track, every b-side, and every ghost fragment and version of Muse songs. I'm now 14 years old. This band has changed my life!!! This song is what I feel every time I listened to Muse... I get lost in their groove!

Frickin Legand! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/08

I adore MUSE! One of their best songs ever! Actualy im getting overly obsessive, i have every song ever played by them and i mean EVERY song including the rare instrumental version of absolution... i also know all the words to all the songs..:)


Paranoid Alien

MUSE 4 EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: jonatan | 9/26/08

WOW that is one of the best songs EVER i am the biggest fan of MUSE ever, i know all their songs they are the best band of the alternative ROCK ever and the riffs and cords of MATT BELLAMY are just the best,i am MUSE FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking Awesome xD | Reviewer: Tim | 6/23/08

I've been listening for muse for like half a year now, and can't stop listening to them, they are actually my daily playlist on the walk to college and back from college, just so amazingly fucking awesome lol.

People say they are over-rated, but are they fuck, they deserve the hype 100%.



You're confuuuuuuuuuuuused. | Reviewer: Aria | 4/28/08

How come no one's commented on this yet?
It has a killer riff and that bit of legato behind the last chorus shows that Mr Bellamy can get technical on the guitar if he wanted to, haha.
Muse doesn't need to hit 912348172389417 notes per second or use complicated guitar techiques to make awesome music. [Unlike Dragonforce's Through The Fire And Flames or something, I think it's practically 2bps and I stilll find a little boring...] They're great that way.

End for Beginning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/07

I love the live presentation. The fact that they put an Ending for the beginning of the song blows my mind. The Muse is Fan-Freaking-Tastic, i can't get enough!

- | Reviewer: sep | 2/15/07

it's bloody genious, I can't stop listening to it! fucking incredible song.

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