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The greatest man I never knew
Lived just down the hall
But never touched at all
He was in his paper
I was in my room
How was I to know he thought I hung the moon

The greatest man I never knew
Came home late every night
He never had too much to say
Too much was on his mind
I never really knew him
And now it seems so sad
Everything he gave to us took all he had

Then the days turned into years
And the memories to black and white
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He grew cold like an old winter wind
Blowing across my life

The greatest words I never heard
I guess I'll never hear
The man I thought could never die
S'been dead almost a year
He was good at business
But there was business left to do
He never said he loved me
Guess he thought I knew

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For my daughter | Reviewer: George Downing | 1/22/14

The first time I heard this song I was driving down the road with my wife in the front seat and my daughter in the back, she was 16 years old at the time. This was kinda a special day for me because I didn't get to spend much time with my family because I was a Military career man. As the song began to play, my daughter spoke from the back seat " Oh Papa, this is such a sad song...and it reminds me of you ". Well, it was a quiet ride as we all drove down the road listening to the song..
I was up for a promotion, a promotion that most soldiers never see during their careers. I had just over 21 years but was considered one of "the fare hair, fast trackers " greatly due of course to my commitment to the military. After my couple of days off I returned to the military, back to work. However, something had changed in me, my daughters words kept haunting me. I started thinking, I've given the best years of my life to the military and my country, I think it's time for me to give to my family. I forwarded my retirement paperwork. After receiving numerous phone calls from all over the world asking me "are you crazy?". I walked away.
I found myself attending all of my daughters sport activities during her senior year of high school. At the end of high school she left for college...Norwich Military School. She said..." I want to be just like my dad..."

Think about this.... | Reviewer: Joe | 12/31/12

Sometimes it is so hard for us to see and appreciate what we have. We may go weeks, months, and even years without verbally expressing our love for our dad, mom, or other family members. It is so hard to say. But usually our love for one another is taken for granted by our actions; by what we do and by what we sacrifice for one another. It would be really nice if "I love you" came as easily as please and thank you. Just remember we are only here for awhile. We all need love and affection, so we should not be ashamed to openly express it with words. I have lost family members, some many years ago, but I still miss them each day. This song is a real reminder and a wake up call. Say it while you still can. It would be wonderful if I (we) could go back and express to them things that we failed to say while they were living. Remember and give the flowers (words) to the living, not after they are deceased. Think about it while you can do something about it.

So True | Reviewer: Jan | 1/21/11

I love the line "Guess he thought I knew" because that describes my dad.
He has been gone 14 years, but he still has my heart. I trailed him around the farm when I was small, he wasn't at all demonstrative and I don't recall him ever telling me he loved me, but I DID know. I will be 60 next month and those times growing up were when the depression and war years were still fresh in the minds of our parents and they didn't spoil or coddle us. They didn't praise us because they didn't want us to grow conceited. But they gave us security and the skills to deal with life. And they went without to give us what they could.

Miss u Dad | Reviewer: Tiffany | 12/16/10

I am 34. My dad Passwd away 11-8-10. He was 55. Worst day of my life! I always thought I could have had a better dad but really he was the best I just didnt give hhim alot of credit! I am SO SORRY DAd!!! I love u so much!! This song has always brought tears to me eyes and reminded me of my dad..

i never really knew my dad | Reviewer: sabreena martinez | 10/14/10

i am 14 and when i was 3 my dad left us and i haven't seen him in 3 years when i ever hear this song i feel like crying because i never said he loved me and my mom said that he is a great guy but i haven't seen him in a long time and i hope to see him one day :(

I miss you daddy | Reviewer: Monica | 8/11/10

I just heard this song for the first time today. As soon as I hard it I started crying. My dad just died nearly 8 months ago. I was just 16 when it happened. We never really talked. People always tell me that he always talked about me and that he was pround of me, I just wish we had told each other that we loved each other before he passed away. When you get right down to it I'm just a little girl who misses her daddy.

Daddy | Reviewer: Ashley Taylor | 7/25/10

Im 17 years old, and i love my father very much, but all he does is work. And we all do things together and it makes us a "family" i guess. But we dont say I love you, and i dont know my dad. His room is right next to mine, and i dont know him. I hear he's amazing, everyone tells me so. And i know he loves me, but its good to hear it.. This song touched me because i dont want us to go through life not knowing eachother. Because one day im not going to have him, and i dont want this to be my memory bank. i want it to be more.

Jesus Christ Was, Is, and Will Be The Greatest Man I Never Knew | Reviewer: K.N. Lee | 7/22/09

I am a 48 years old men, and I never knew my dad. He died so early that I could not remember. I also had many uncle, but they never there to care for me. So, I guess I never knew them either.
But the Greatest man I never knew was Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He came to save us all.
He loves us so very much, that He have to die for our transgressions. I am saved by Christ, even though He is the Greatest Man I never Knew.
I can not wait to meet Jesus Christ someday. Amen!

it touches my heart | Reviewer: emily | 12/6/07

i just recently saw reba and kelly performing on tv and they sang this song... by the time the song was over i had tears filling my eyes. to me, this song has no meaning of anyone i know but one day it will. and i will always keep this song close to my heart.

Reba Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/07

I just went to a Reba concert a few weeks ago. This song makes me cry because my father left me when I was only 2 years old. I found him recently. Reba is such an inspiration to all of her fans - I do not think she realizes just how much.

To my Grandpa R.I.P. | Reviewer: ccamastaw | 9/4/07

Hi i'm 16 and this song goes to my grandpa. I just lost him about 4 months ago on may 18,2007. he truely was the greatest man i ever knew and i hope i can be as loving & as giving as he was. i loved him with all my heart and i wish he was still here. this song fits so perfect you wouldnt believe it.

The greatest man I never knew | Reviewer: Jessica | 7/28/07

My father when I was younger never let me listen to this song. After he passed away when I was 15 I listened to it and understood why. This song defines his and my relationship. Its been 4 years since he's been gone and this song still can make me cry.

The Greastest man i never knew | Reviewer: kristina | 4/23/07

This song was very great to sing to so thank you!!!

review | Reviewer: christen-amber bouchard | 5/20/05

I love this song it is so true for my life and this is my favorite song ever.

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