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The Great Kat Biography

Last updated: 02/06/2003 03:13:20 AM

Look carefully and you might be able to make out a dominatrix holding a purple violin. That's right. I said dominatrix. This was one of those websites where at every click to a new page, I kept finding myself saying, "Oh my God."

Great Kat, who was born in England, grew up in New York, playing piano and violin. She went to Juliard on scholarship and graduated with honors. In addition, she has performed at Carnegie Hall and has toured the U.S., Mexico, and Europe. Like a few other Juliard graduates, she took her talents and put them to the test by crossing over into an unexpected musical realm. For Kat, it was the electric guitar (at what age, however, I do not know).

SHE combines her violin virtuosity with the guitar and result is something she calls Cyberspeed which website describes as worlds fastest guitar. I listened to all of audio clipsmost are solos gone bullistic performed on electric

In addition to the violin and guitar, Kat is also a metal singer and yes, a dominatrix. A bloody one at that. Her website is decorated with morbid bloody photos of Kat in her dominatrix outfit holding her guitar. Different strokes for different folks.

While this goes way beyond the path that most of the Fiddle Chicks I've listed go, I must commend Kat on her originality with both her "image" and how she's applied her classical training to create something unique.