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Red Descending The Grand Memory Lyrics

Last updated: 07/13/2011 12:00:00 PM

Spending his days forever deep in thought
Of better times far away from horrid cries
They promised a life which had light in every sight
But never again will he see his child's eyes

And now, the grand memory
Watch it light the fire

He fled this land, three long years it's been since then
Performing tasks with his bare worn hands
And now his mind is set on leaving this cold land
To mend the aching bleeding heart in the sand
And now, the grand memory
Watch it light the fire
... And burn in the night!

Weakened by the chances that the madness may return
he turns back to the darkness and all of which he's learned

To find his path and belief is all it'll take
She'd the weakness and build a new memory
From now on crucial success is here to stay
Watch him live a life of beauty in each day

I will search the distant waters
I will leave no stone unturned
To complete a chosen destiny
Or this face will forever burn