The Go-Go's Lyrics

FORMED: 1978, Los Angeles, CA

Some bands might be satisfied with racking up a collection
of instantly recognizable hits, influencing a new
generation of pop stars and stopping there. But for the
Go-Go's, a stellar legacy just wasn't enough. So, singer
Belinda Carlisle, bassist Kathy Valentine and guitarists
Jane Wiedlin and Charlotte Caffey and drummer Gina Schock,
responsible for such classics as "Our Lips Are Sealed," "We
Got The Beat," "Vacation," and "Head Over Heels" decided to
make a whole new album.

"It's More...

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First!!!TSRIF | Reviewer: Yeltzin
    ------ About the song We Got The Beat (Single Mix) performed by The Go-Go's

First. I first heard this song in 2009 when i was playing rock band. Also im in the green party just to get that out of the way. Go Socialists! Anyway i hated this song why would you need to know the lyrics and Kelley it is totally an Islamic song.

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