The Go-Betweens Albums

  • The Friends of Rachel Worth Album (9/19/2000)
    Magic In Here
    Heart And Home
    Surfing Magazines
    The Clock
    Orpheus Beach
    German Farmhouse
    Going Blind
    He Lives My Life
    When She Sang About Angels

  • 16 Lovers Lane Album (8/1/1988)
    Love goes on
    Quiet Heart
    Love is a Sign
    You can't say no forever
    The devil's eye
    Streets of your town
    Was there anything I could do?
    I'm Allright
    Dive for your memory

  • Tallulah Album (8/1/1987)
    Right here
    You tell me
    Someone Else's Wife
    I Just Get Caught Out
    Cut It Out
    The House Jack Kerouac Built
    Bye Bye Pride
    Spirit Of A Vampyre
    The Clarke Sisters
    Hope then strife

  • Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express Album (8/1/1986)
    Spring Rain
    The Ghost and the Black Hat
    The Wrong Road
    To Reach Me
    Twin Layers of Lightning
    In the Core of a Flame
    Head Full of Steam
    Bow Down
    Palm Sunday (On Board The S.S. Within)
    Apology Accepted

  • Spring Hill Fair Album (8/1/1984)
  • Before Hollywood Album (8/1/1983)
  • Send Me a Lullaby Album (8/1/1981)

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